• Samui Holiday Homes
  • Thai-figure

    With a portfolio of the most exclusive villas in exciting locations on Koh Samui it is almost guaranteed that you will have an amazing holiday. 

  • Weather permitting
  • cloudy-weather

    I could see more black clouds rolling in. I knew I had to act fast, otherwise the rest of the day would be a washout. 

  • Balinese Weddings
  • Bali-wedding

    What connects Mick Jagger to Bali? He married Jerry Hall their and set the trend for Balinese Weddings. 

  • Tibet: Treasures from the Roof of the World
  • Tibetan-art

    Housed in the Ueno Royal Museum in Ueno, northeastern Tokyo, this exhibition displays Tibetan-style Buddhist artwork which has received praise wherever it is shown.  



    Where to buy top designer fashion CHEAP in Hong Kong


    Looking for top designer fashion, which has been heavily discounted? Then go to the Joyce Warehouse in Ap Lei Chau on Hong Kong Island.  


    Where legal eagles soar


    Everyone knows you need a good lawyer when you buy property, but sometimes this is forgotten in your rush to buy your dream property overseas. 


    Sumo Supreme


    Sumo wrestling is the national sport of Japan which has a history thousands of years old, when it was created to amuse the Shinto gods. 


    Celebrity Superyachts


    Superyachts or Mega yachts, are generally more than 120 feet in length and boast three decks with extravagant, luxury onboard accommodation for 10-12 guests.  


  • Artland
  • artland-abstract

    Hong Kong has thousands of shops selling fashion, but if you are looking to buy quality artists materials then Artland is the place to go. 

  • Stay healthy with acupressure massage
  • finger-pressure-massage

    In Japan Shiatsu, a hands-on therapy, is taken very seriously and licensed by governments. Doctors will often send patients for a course of treatment.  

  • Shopping Malaysia
  • Shopping-girls

    Great shopping experience. From entertainment and fashion to arts and culture to international and local gourmet, Suria KLCC in Kuala Lumpur is a shopping Mecca. 

  • Japanese kimono designer Jotaro Saito
  • Jotaro-Saito-kimono

    Jotaro Saito is the youngest and foremost exponent of modern Japanese kimono design working in Japan today and has carried his art form beyond Kimono. 

  • Skin care
  • creams-spa

    There is an enormous industry that produces skin care products to revitalise our ageing skin and it is important to know which ones to use. 

  • Round and round again
  • rubbish-waste-scavengers

    In Thailand waste scavengers make their living finding and selling waste products on municipal garbage dumps and most of this happens without direct government direction.  

  • Fit for Life
  • cheeseburger

    Couch potato or not, we all need exercise. It can be daunting, but it just takes a little work and simple know-how to begin. 

  • Fishy Feet
  • fishy-feet

    Fishy business some would say but there's money to be made. A new spa craze is sweeping the world and taking hold in SE Asia. 


  • Cacao Pearl Resort
  • Cacao-resort

    Worried about your carbon footprint? Then buy into what promises to be the world’s first luxury eco-resort community on a private island in PALAWAN.  

  • Dream to realty
  • postcard

    One buyers blog. From dream through reality to a happy ending. Hear it from the people who have done it...bought their dream villa overseas.  

  • Guns and Talks
  • guns-talks-movie

    On the menu is death or mutilation in this Korean action comedy, just say which you prefer and the hit men for hire will deliver. 

  • Gifts & Invitations
  • gifts-invitations

    After sending out the invitations the bride and groom may decide to present mementos to special people who will help to make their day successful. 


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