• Thai Fashion
  • thai-head-scarf

    If you consider Thai fashion to consist mainly of fake Levi’s or hand-dyed sarongs, bought on the side of the road then think again.  

  • Kingdom of the Winds
  • Kingdom-wind

    This epic TV drama based on the manga by Kim Jin has all the elements of a Shakespearean conflict; romance, intrigue, murder, politics and warfare. 

  • It’s Happening in Thailand
  • Thailand-holiday

    World class events that includes everything from rock concerts to sporting events are giving International visitors more reasons to visit Thailand. 

  • Needle your way to health
  • acupuncture-needles

    Acupuncture has been used by the Chinese for over 2000 years and it is an effect way to stay healthy and treat various health problems. 


    Health & Fitness

    Wat Pho Traditional Thai Massage

    Khun _Apple

    Most beaches in Thailand have massage but not Wat Pho. Wat Pho, the Traditional Thai massage, can be found at KANDA Residences on Koh Samui. 


    Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport


    Bangkok's major international airport, Suvarnabhumi, one of the largerest in the world, has had it share of troubles. But now it plans to get bigger. 


    Good SE Asian Reads


    Novels set in SE Asia can provide a wealth of information about the countries they are set in and help us understand their different cultures. 


    Japanese kimono designer Jotaro Saito


    Jotaro Saito is the youngest and foremost exponent of modern Japanese kimono design working in Japan today and has carried his art form beyond Kimono. 


  • Weather permitting
  • cloudy-weather

    I could see more black clouds rolling in. I knew I had to act fast, otherwise the rest of the day would be a washout. 

  • Chancery Lane Gallery
  • blue-girl

    Chancery Lane Gallery in Hong Kong has been supporting contemporary artists, both locally and from around the world and showing their art works since 2001. 

  • Jet Pacific Travel Ltd
  • Jetliner

    Jet Pacific Travel is a one-stop shop for all your travel needs both private and corporate providing flights and accommodation to fit your budget.  

  • McVities on the Shelves
  • McVities-biscuits

    Supermarkets are the new shopping malls in SE Asia with everything under one roof. Small corner shops are finding it difficult to compete with them.  

  • ZHUANG Xiaowei Glass sculptor Extrodinaire
  • Zhuang-Vanessa

    Zhuang is seen as the father of the Contemporary Chinese Glass Sculpture scene and without a doubt the most influential glass artist in China today. 

  • Korean Wedding Madness
  • korean-wedding-dolls

    Korean marriages are a very serious business. They are expensive and often elaborate affairs. But now young couples are shunning traditional ones for western ceremonies. 

  • Claire Brown Realty
  • girl-on-beach

    Claire Brown is focused primarily on SE Asia and she only recommends properties to her clients that have been researched and vetted by her company. 

  • High minded fly Air Asia
  • Air-Asia

    Air Asia pioneered low-cost air travel in Asia setting new standards in the industry. In 2009 it was awarded Best Asian Low-Cost Carrier. 


  • Leaving on a jet plane
  • Leaving-Samui

    Flying out of Koh Samui is more difficult than flying in. Unlike Patrick McGoohan in the cult TV series 'The Prisoner', nobody wants to leave. 

  • 200 Pounds Beauty
  • beauty-singer

    Han-Na vocalist to Korean pop idole Ami dreams of being a famous pop singer herself, just one problem, she is plain and very fat.  

  • Robert & Marie
  • wedding-car

    Robert and Marie, from Ireland, wish to announce that their wedding will be on 3rd. August 2009 in St. Josephs Church, Aughavas, County Leitrim, Ireland. 

  • Louise Soloway
  • louise-soloway-artist

    Influenced by Indian and Chinese art forms, Louise Soloway likes to capture the essence of everyday life through her tableaux-like base-reliefs and art. 


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