• Le Bouchon in Patpong
  • goats-cheese-salad

    Le Bouchon is like a bistro in Paris and is an ideal place for a romantic meal or if you are lusting for Western food. 

  • Mexican Madness
  • Nachos-mexican

    In the heart of Chaweng, Koh Samui sits an absolute gem. Gringos Cantina is a fixture with residents and tourists, serving delicious Mexican dishes. 

  • Bordeaux Wine Gallery opens in Hong Kong
  • Boedeaux wine

    Ô Muse de Bordeaux has opened a Wine Gallery focused exclusively on famous Classed Growths Châteaux from Bordeaux such as Lafite, Margaux and Latour. 

  • Is Modern Italian Architecture Dead?
  • Antonio-Citterio-seat

    Antonio Citterio is perhaps the most well known of all the Italian designers and his furniture designs can be seen in homes around the world. 


    Arts & Design

    Kurt Tong photographic homage


    Visual artist and humanitarian photographer Kurt Tong pays homage to his identity and past Hong Kong life in this memorable exhibition of his photographs. 


    Floating Markets


    Floating markets are most prevalent in the south of Thailand and Vietnam, all along the Mekong and its tributaries. 


    It’s Happening in Thailand


    World class events that includes everything from rock concerts to sporting events are giving International visitors more reasons to visit Thailand. 

    Arts & Design

    WANG KEPING and the Stars Group


    Wang Keping was one of the founding members of the Stars Group of Chinese artists which called for democracy and freedom of expression for all. 


  • Burmese Melting Pot
  • Burmese-food

    I lived in Burma for a couple of years recently and I had been warned before I moved there that the food wasn’t a highlight. 

  • Beautiful Bamboo
  • bamboo-table

    If you associate bamboo with outmoded furniture and cheap housing materials, then think again. Bamboo is now being used by designers all over the world. 

  • Choosing Universities
  • university-students

    Competition is fierce for all the top universities, so getting the right information is essential. Students should plan ahead and seek professional advice before deciding. 

  • Tantalising Thai Cuisine
  • thai-noodles

    Koh Samui adds a new restaurant in Chaweng, BAAN BORAN serves up delicious Thai food with a dollop of traditional Thai entertainment on the side. 

  • Home Theatre System
  • home-theatre

    With TechWorx's home theatre system using top brands, property owners in Koh Samui can now have the latest audio and visual systems in their home. 

  • Get your kicks from Thai Boxing
  • Thai-boxing

    To have a good grasp of Thailand’s cultural heritage you need to understand something of Muay Thai, the martial art which combines kicks and punches. 

  • The Pier
  • beer-bar

    This restaurant next to the ferry pier in Fisherman's Village boasts international fare and many Thai favourites. Grab a beer and lounge on the beanbags. 

  • Wedding make-up
  • wedding-makeup

    Every bride wants to look gorgeous on her wedding day and make-up applied effectively will enhance a bride’s natural beauty. Tips for the day. 


  • Jet Pacific Travel Ltd
  • Jetliner

    Jet Pacific Travel is a one-stop shop for all your travel needs both private and corporate providing flights and accommodation to fit your budget.  

  • Micro-Organisms
  • EMMicroorganisms

    EM is a blend of positive micro-organisms that can increase the natural resistance of soil, plants, water, humans, and animals to many harmful bacteria.  

  • Hair today gone tomorrow
  • Bad-hair-day

    Although more salons are becoming capable of dealing with foreign women’s hair, there are still many pitfalls, and I’ve stumbled into nearly all of them. 

  • Khao San Nights
  • Khao-San-road

    Khao San Road in Bangkok with its excellent selection of restaurants, bars and clubs is a great place for a girls night out.  


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