• Hanoi Art prices head upwards
  • Hanoi-painting

    Hanoi is full of interesting art galleries and has a history of encouraging artists. Now it is rising from the ashes as an artistic phoenix. 

  • Movie director calls all the shots
  • beach-stones

    Today, I felt I had cracked it! I e-mailed the beach photographs and all the details to the production company in London and waited. 

  • Get your kicks from Thai Boxing
  • Thai-boxing

    To have a good grasp of Thailand’s cultural heritage you need to understand something of Muay Thai, the martial art which combines kicks and punches. 

  • Cannes Film Festival 2009 : Best Director award.
  • Filipino-director

    Fierce competition at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival amongst some of the worlds best film directors for the prize of Best Director. The winner is... 


    Health & Fitness

    Wat Pho Traditional Thai Massage

    Khun _Apple

    Most beaches in Thailand have massage but not Wat Pho. Wat Pho, the Traditional Thai massage, can be found at KANDA Residences on Koh Samui. 


    Karaoke origines


    Karaoke is a typical form of entertainment for Japanese business people who often call into a bar after a long day of work to unwind. 


    Joyce Boutique


    Looking for top designer fashion brands, which has been heavily discounted? Then go to the Joyce Warehouse in Ap Lei Chau on Hong Kong Island. 

    Arts & Design

    Kitchen design made easy


    Designing your own kitchen is fun, but there are many choices so getting a design studio to draw up the plans is a better option. 


  • Seoul Clubs you should visit
  • Disco-girl

    Seoul boasts some of the best nightlife in SE Asia drawing international DJ’s and excellent live bands as well as providing some interesting dining options.  

  • WANG KEPING and the Stars Group
  • wang-keping-sculpture

    Wang Keping was one of the founding members of the Stars Group of Chinese artists which called for democracy and freedom of expression for all. 

  • Ferrying Around
  • Ferry-Japan

    Whether travelling to and from Japans islands or between Bali and Lombok, ferries are part of journeying around SE Asia and not just for backpackers. 

  • Catwalk models grow fat!
  • skinny-model

    Young girls look up to catwalk models who have shrunk, not in height but in weight and who are pencil thin and wear size 0. 

  • Genting Escape
  • Genting-Malaysia

    The Genting Highlands in Malaysia is a real adventure and fun for all the family. You maybe surprised at what you find there. 

  • Le Bouchon in Patpong
  • goats-cheese-salad

    Le Bouchon is like a bistro in Paris and is an ideal place for a romantic meal or if you are lusting for Western food. 

  • Tokyo Mon Amour
  • Japanese-wedding

    Japanese couples are shy, so some Shinto shrines put on a demonstration of a traditional wedding ceremony to entice prospective brides and grooms to wed.  

  • Travelling Online
  • Online-booking

    The world wide web brings the world of online travel into your home. But with so many websites is the truth becoming harder to find? 


  • Japanese kimono designer Jotaro Saito
  • Jotaro-Saito-kimono

    Jotaro Saito is the youngest and foremost exponent of modern Japanese kimono design working in Japan today and has carried his art form beyond Kimono. 

  • Tips on Trips
  • Motorcycle-taxi-Thailand

    Getting around Koh Samui island has never been easier using public transport. The choice ranges from taxi motorbikes to pick-up trucks called a Songtaew.  

  • RockPool Restaurant at KANDA Residences Samui
  • RockPool

    Magical evenings start on the deck at the RockPool Restaurant at Kanda Residences Samui with exotic cocktails and stunning views along the Samui coastline. 

  • Cal-Carries Model Agency
  • Asian-model-talent

    Cal-Carries has a reputation as Asia’s premier model agency fostering new Asian talent from around the region.  


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