• The Art of Sudoku
  • sudoku-numbers

    Sudoku has been popular for quite a few years. But for those of us who joined the craze some time back, monotony is setting in. 

  • Kawaii Fashion
  • teen-fashion

    ‘kawaii’ fashion, meaning cute, groovy and stylish, is an obsession for trendy Japanese teens who are on a constant search for it, especially in Tokyo. 

  • Robert & Marie
  • wedding-car

    Robert and Marie, from Ireland, wish to announce that their wedding will be on 3rd. August 2009 in St. Josephs Church, Aughavas, County Leitrim, Ireland. 

  • Ambitious Solar Power Project
  • Japan-solar-power

    Science fiction or not, the Japanese government and space energy believe that in about twenty years the world could be powered from beyond the stars. 


    Health & Fitness

    Wat Pho Traditional Thai Massage

    Khun _Apple

    Most beaches in Thailand have massage but not Wat Pho. Wat Pho, the Traditional Thai massage, can be found at KANDA Residences on Koh Samui. 


    Leaving on a jet plane


    Flying out of Koh Samui is more difficult than flying in. Unlike Patrick McGoohan in the cult TV series 'The Prisoner', nobody wants to leave. 

    Food & Wine

    Eat, Pray, Love at Kafe Ubud


    Kafe is a favourite meeting point for Ubud's global in-crowd and one of the most popular eateries, with a rustic ambience and healthy cuisine.  

    Health & Fitness

    Stay healthy with acupressure massage


    In Japan Shiatsu, a hands-on therapy, is taken very seriously and licensed by governments. Doctors will often send patients for a course of treatment.  


  • Wedding make-up
  • wedding-makeup

    Every bride wants to look gorgeous on her wedding day and make-up applied effectively will enhance a bride’s natural beauty. Tips for the day. 

  • Valentine’s Day wedding
  • Wedding-flippers

    Thailand is the place to declare your love on Valentine's Day. Then join the mass underwater Valentine's Day wedding held every year in Trang province. 

  • Search Associates
  • teacher-recruitment

    Each year Search Associates, the largest international educator recruitment organisation, places over 1,500 highly skilled teachers and administrators in international schools throughout the world.  

  • Kamalaya showcases ‘Healing Art’ artists
  • Kamalaya-artistes

    Kamalaya in southern Koh Samui, is famous for its wellness sanctuary and also showcasing artists whose main work is inspired by nature and holistic living. 

  • Green overhead
  • Green-roof

    Installing a green roof is not as expensive or time-consuming as it seems. Architects are now finding ways to make roofs more environmentally friendly. 

  • High minded fly Air Asia
  • Air-Asia

    Air Asia pioneered low-cost air travel in Asia setting new standards in the industry. In 2009 it was awarded Best Asian Low-Cost Carrier. 

  • HD shooters come to Thailand
  • cameraman

    It's not all sun and fun here. I get asked all sorts of questions from production companies and not all are related to location scouting. 

  • Farmers’ markets
  • farmers-markets

    Organic farming in South East Asia is not as widespread as it is in most western countries. Now countries in Asia are playing "catch-up". 


  • Harvesting the seeds of organic agriculture
  • organic-farmer

    In Thailand many farmers are starting to realise that organic agriculture is not only better for the environment but also a healthier production method. 

  • Celebrity Superyachts
  • Luxury-superyacht

    Superyachts or Mega yachts, are generally more than 120 feet in length and boast three decks with extravagant, luxury onboard accommodation for 10-12 guests.  

  • Where professional Chefs do their shopping
  • pro-chef-cooks

    If you are looking for a specialist food supplier that stocks European foods and top meats from Australasia then visit Colibri Food Supply in Chaweng. 

  • Technology leads the day
  • location-HDvideo

    I nearly walked right past him at the meeting point because he looked like a student coming to Koh Samui for the full moon party. 


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