• “Waterworks” at ShanghART
  • Yang_Fudong

    Three of the key figures in the Yangtze River Delta art scene over the past twenty years come together to present "Waterworks." 

  • Photographer Greg Williams
  • greg-williams-movie

    Everyone is talking about still/motion convergence. One still photographer who has successfully made the transition from stills to the moving image is Greg Williams. 

  • Making sense of scents
  • gentle-massage

    Whether it is scented candles, oil burners or cosmetic products, the aromatherapy craze has well and truly taken off and Thailand is leading the way. 

  • KANDA Residences Samui Villa 14
  • Kanda_Res_KSV14

    If you are looking to rent a designer villa with SEA VIEWS to die for then this is the one for you. Rent Villa 14. 


    Food & Wine

    Bordeaux Wine Gallery opens in Hong Kong

    Boedeaux wine

    Ô Muse de Bordeaux has opened a Wine Gallery focused exclusively on famous Classed Growths Châteaux from Bordeaux such as Lafite, Margaux and Latour. 

    Food & Wine

    Tantalising Thai Cuisine


    Koh Samui adds a new restaurant in Chaweng, BAAN BORAN serves up delicious Thai food with a dollop of traditional Thai entertainment on the side. 

    Arts & Design

    Beautiful Bamboo


    If you associate bamboo with outmoded furniture and cheap housing materials, then think again. Bamboo is now being used by designers all over the world. 


    Get your kicks from Thai Boxing


    To have a good grasp of Thailand’s cultural heritage you need to understand something of Muay Thai, the martial art which combines kicks and punches. 


  • Thai Massage: Not for the faint hearted
  • massage-thai-style

    Thai massage is an experience you won't forget. This is one treatment which guarantees a great muscle work out and a happy well being afterwards. 

  • Hong Kong hosts the East Asian Games
  • HK-games-2010

    Hong Kong will host the 2009 East Asia Games. This event held every four years will feature 23 sports, 16 of which are Olympic sports. 

  • No track record NO GO
  • Island-recce

    In good times all sorts of developers wade into foreign markets hoping to make a killing. Do due diligence before buying.  

  • Komodo National Park
  • dragon-komodo

    The Komodo National Park in Indonesia is famous for being the home of the Komodo Dragon. Huge lizards, with a forked tongue and beady eyes.  

  • Cal-Carries Model Agency
  • Asian-model-talent

    Cal-Carries has a reputation as Asia’s premier model agency fostering new Asian talent from around the region.  

  • Silk Road…tailor made in 24 hours
  • Tailor's-dummy

    Hunting for a bargain is great fun if you know where to shop. The best place for shopping in Koh Samui is Chaweng Main Street. 

  • Guaranteed luxury for Sale
  • villa-development

    When you buy a property overseas, whether for investment or otherwise, be sure to take a good look at what the developer is promising you. 

  • Leaving on a jet plane
  • Leaving-Samui

    Flying out of Koh Samui is more difficult than flying in. Unlike Patrick McGoohan in the cult TV series 'The Prisoner', nobody wants to leave. 


  • Sleep Enhancement
  • Sleep_Kamalaya

    Kamalaya announces its sleep enhancement programme alongside their existing portfolio of wellness programmes. 

  • Weather permitting
  • cloudy-weather

    I could see more black clouds rolling in. I knew I had to act fast, otherwise the rest of the day would be a washout. 

  • Floating Markets
  • floating-markets-thailand

    Floating markets are most prevalent in the south of Thailand and Vietnam, all along the Mekong and its tributaries. 

  • Hospital Hotels
  • hospital-Bangkok

    Bangkok is becoming the centre in SE Asia for medical tourists. People come from all over the world to have major operations and holiday afterwards. 


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