• Samui International Hospital
  • hospital-operation

    Thailand is a popular destination for medical holidays and Koh Samui is an ideal island for having both a medical procedure and a great holiday. 

  • Guns and Talks
  • guns-talks-movie

    On the menu is death or mutilation in this Korean action comedy, just say which you prefer and the hit men for hire will deliver. 

  • Annie Leibovitz at Sundaram Tagore Gallery HK
  • Annie_Leibovitz_HK

    World famous photographer Annie Leibovitz has a debut solo show in Hong Kong which features iconic artworks from her forty-year career. 

  • Hospital Hotels
  • hospital-Bangkok

    Bangkok is becoming the centre in SE Asia for medical tourists. People come from all over the world to have major operations and holiday afterwards. 



    Beware “Sharks”


    Koh Samui is well known for its accessible beaches and all of them are safe to swim from. However, do beware of jet-ski operators. 


    Wedding Budget


    Planning your wedding is exciting but needs careful preparation so sit down with your partner and prepare a wedding budget, then check your bank balance!  

    Eco / Green

    Koh Phangan


    For those in search of a green retreat, Koh Phangan offers a stunning, largely unspoiled tropical escape just 30 minutes by boat from Koh Samui. 

    Arts & Design

    Interior Designer du jour


    The fun part of interior design is looking through the glossy design magazines for inspiration and envying the interior decorations inside the homes of celebrities. 


  • Tips on Trips
  • Motorcycle-taxi-Thailand

    Getting around Koh Samui island has never been easier using public transport. The choice ranges from taxi motorbikes to pick-up trucks called a Songtaew.  

  • Movie director calls all the shots
  • beach-stones

    Today, I felt I had cracked it! I e-mailed the beach photographs and all the details to the production company in London and waited. 

  • Avant Garde Fashion
  • Melinda-Looi-fashion-designer

    Melinda Looi is one of the most prominent fashion designers in Malaysia today. She designs unique pieces that are a mix of East and West. 

  • McVities on the Shelves
  • McVities-biscuits

    Supermarkets are the new shopping malls in SE Asia with everything under one roof. Small corner shops are finding it difficult to compete with them.  

  • Sand between your toes
  • seaview-restaurant

    If you are looking for a a great wine and dine experience with a sea view, then visit a small beachfront restaurant called OCEAN 11. 

  • HD shooters come to Thailand
  • cameraman

    It's not all sun and fun here. I get asked all sorts of questions from production companies and not all are related to location scouting. 

  • Escape by the sea!
  • Beach-house

    This is a rare opportunity to acquire a beach house in a stunning position on a beautiful beach in a hip part of Koh Samui. 

  • Lao Tapestries weave their magic
  • hand-weave-Lao

    The Lao weaving industry disappeared after the war in the 1970’s, but the gradual opening of Communist-run Laos means it is now being restored. 


  • Perfume, champagne… Action!
  • aqua-lounge

    We shot in the Aquaminium and I can’t think of any other TV commercial where you can see a yacht parked in someone’s living room! 

  • Farmers’ markets
  • farmers-markets

    Organic farming in South East Asia is not as widespread as it is in most western countries. Now countries in Asia are playing "catch-up". 

  • Seoul Clubs you should visit
  • Disco-girl

    Seoul boasts some of the best nightlife in SE Asia drawing international DJ’s and excellent live bands as well as providing some interesting dining options.  

  • Movie director calls all the shots
  • beach-stones

    Today, I felt I had cracked it! I e-mailed the beach photographs and all the details to the production company in London and waited. 


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