• Organic hippy chic
  • art-cafe-salad

    At the ART CAFÉ in Koh Samui you'll find wholesome vegetarian food and freshly brewed coffee. A hit with the yoga teachers on the island! 

  • Wedding Invitations
  • wedding-invite

    Think of wedding invitations as first impressions. The choice of wedding invitation will set the tone for your wedding so choose the style with care. 

  • Beware “Sharks”
  • Shark

    Koh Samui is well known for its accessible beaches and all of them are safe to swim from. However, do beware of jet-ski operators. 

  • Wedding Budget
  • wedding-budget

    Planning your wedding is exciting but needs careful preparation so sit down with your partner and prepare a wedding budget, then check your bank balance!  



    Valentine’s Day wedding


    Thailand is the place to declare your love on Valentine's Day. Then join the mass underwater Valentine's Day wedding held every year in Trang province. 


    Kamalaya showcases ‘Healing Art’ artists


    Kamalaya in southern Koh Samui, is famous for its wellness sanctuary and also showcasing artists whose main work is inspired by nature and holistic living. 


    Learning styles


    Children learn in different ways so teachers work with a variety of teaching styles to make sure each child reaches his or her true potential. 


    Thai Fashion


    If you consider Thai fashion to consist mainly of fake Levi’s or hand-dyed sarongs, bought on the side of the road then think again.  


  • Koh Phangan
  • Koh-Phangan-island

    For those in search of a green retreat, Koh Phangan offers a stunning, largely unspoiled tropical escape just 30 minutes by boat from Koh Samui. 

  • Interior Designer du jour
  • modern-home

    The fun part of interior design is looking through the glossy design magazines for inspiration and envying the interior decorations inside the homes of celebrities. 

  • Vietnam War Museum
  • Vietnam-war-museum

    The War Museum in Ho Chi Minh City leaves nothing to the imagination with everything on display including jars of deformed human fetuses. 

  • Ferrying Around
  • Ferry-Japan

    Whether travelling to and from Japans islands or between Bali and Lombok, ferries are part of journeying around SE Asia and not just for backpackers. 

  • RockPool
  • padma-restaurant

    With its unmistakable vast white canopy roof looking out to sea the RockPool Restaurant in KANDA Residences Samui is the perfect spot to unwind and 

  • Kitchen design made easy
  • kitchen-design

    Designing your own kitchen is fun, but there are many choices so getting a design studio to draw up the plans is a better option. 

  • Samui International Hospital
  • hospital-operation

    Thailand is a popular destination for medical holidays and Koh Samui is an ideal island for having both a medical procedure and a great holiday. 

  • Annie Leibovitz at Sundaram Tagore Gallery HK
  • Annie_Leibovitz_HK

    World famous photographer Annie Leibovitz has a debut solo show in Hong Kong which features iconic artworks from her forty-year career. 


  • Interior specifications
  • Bathroom

    Developers are fond of using the word luxury in their marketing material, but it is the design specifications that reveal whether a villa is luxurious. 

  • Organic hippy chic
  • art-cafe-salad

    At the ART CAFÉ in Koh Samui you'll find wholesome vegetarian food and freshly brewed coffee. A hit with the yoga teachers on the island! 

  • Hong Kong Pilates Mat Classes with Ruth HOGG
  • pilates-ruth-hogg-hong-kong

    Ruth Hogg is a classically trained dancer from the Royal Academy of Dance in London and a certified Polestar Pilates trainer with her own studio. 

  • Where legal eagles soar
  • office-space

    Everyone knows you need a good lawyer when you buy property, but sometimes this is forgotten in your rush to buy your dream property overseas. 


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