ART Hong Kong

Art in asia has never been the same since ART Hong Kong was established in 2008.

Hong Kong is keen to make its mark on the art world and has gone out of its way to establish a centre for art in Asia with incentives which include removing sales tax on imported works of art.

In recent years the art world has focused on China and the emerging art scene there. In fact, art from China hasn’t as much emerged as exploded onto the international art world and already a number of Chinese artists have become household names in the west and command very high prices for their work.

Because of Hong Kong’s unique position as the major gateway into China it has quickly became the ideal showcase for China’s contemporary artists many of which are represented by Hong Kong art galleries.

Although many visitors will be coming to see the Chinese contemporary artists there will works from the most exciting artists from around the world as well as works from the modern masters of the 20th. Century.

With over 100 of the world’s leading galleries, ART HK has become the art event of the year for anyone who is interested in contemporary Chinese and western art. Despite high prices limited addition prints will be available from a number of artists.

Without a doubt Art HK will be the opportunity for collectors and visitors to see great works of art from both East and West with the emphasis this year on up-and-coming artists from China. So if you missed the first wave of contemporary Chinese artists now is the time to seek out the next wave and choose the artist who might be the next Zhang Xiaogang.

The art fair is normally held around May. To buy tickets and get the latest news go online at

Location: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wanchai (Harbour front)