Bali hideaway

The hideaway to beat all hideaways is a little known jewel in Bali’s crown. Situated on Bali’s northwest corner in the small fishing village of Pemuteran and near the National Park is Puri Ganesha Villas.

The villas are set in beautiful open plan gardens all with private pools and oodles of space in which to stretch out and lounge and you need not lift a finger, as you will have two staff to attend to your every need.

On arrival you will be welcomed by Diana and Gusti the owners and their family of Dalmatians, and from that moment on, the stresses and strains of modern living will just ebb away and you will feel a great weight lifting from your shoulders.

Walk beside the Bali Sea along the sand and coral beach in solitude and find your inner self again.

Here the sea is always calm and clear unlike the rolling waves you will find on the south of the island where the Indian Ocean flows.

If you are looking for a retreat style holiday then Puri Ganesha is the place for you with its beauty and tranquility.

Here you will have all the time in the world to just relax and catch up on those many books you have been promising yourself you will read, if only you had the time.

For health fanatics the restaurant at Puri Ganesha serves the freshest and tastiest organic food imaginable, all from local organic farmers and the drinking water is pure and fresh, as it comes from high up the mountains.

Do not worry about being bored here, activities include dolphin watching at sea, boating in the bay, horse trekking along the beach or in the mountains, as well as cooking classes that you can take and for the adventurous a 3-5 night tailor-made “Rice & Spice Adventure”.

Sports divers will love near by Menjangan Island. It is an underwater paradise where you will see Napoleon Wrasse and sea turtles. Divers from all over Bali travel here to dive this underwater paradise.

Time passes here like no other place.

Getting there

The best way to get to Puri Ganesha and at the same time see the beauty of Bali is drive. It is a three and a half hour drive through beautiful scenery taking you through coffee and clove plantations, rural villages and over the mountains.

Alternatively, guests can choose a variety of other ways including, by Harley Davidson motorbike, by private yacht, helicopter or 6-seater charter plane which takes a mere 25 minutes from the international airport.

Contact: Pantai Pemuteran, Gerokgak North Bali, Singaraja 81155, Indonesia. Tel: +62 362 94766. Fax: +62 362 93433. E-mail:[email protected]