Bridal party floral tips

Bridal party wedding flowers
by Sheila Gilbert

Bridal Bouquet

The Bouquet should be in harmony with your stature and the style of your dress.

If you are a petite person, don’t have a shower bouquet that will overwhelm you. Choose a hand tied posy or a small shower (cascade).

If you are tall you can choose a sheaf arrangement e.g. Calla Lilies or a full shower or a hand tied posy with larger flowers e.g. Gerberas or Lilies.

If you have a full-skirted dress a round shaped bouquet is most appropriate.

If you have a sheath dress a sheaf arrangement will be very elegant.

Bridesmaid’s Bouquets

These should be in harmony with the bride’s bouquet – similar style and flowers. A swatch of material should be taken to the florists when choosing the flowers.

The colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses can be incorporated into the bride’s bouquet by using a similar coloured ribbon to tie the stems.

Groomsmen’s Buttoniers

These are usually co-ordinated with the bride’s bouquet – usually similar flowers adorned with ivy leaves, steel grass or berries.

Corsages for Mothers

Orchids are often a popular choice and colour is chosen to compliment outfits. If the material of the outfits is very flimsy a wrist corsage would be ideal.

If the wedding ceremony takes place in an informal setting i.e. the beach or garden less formal flowers could be picked a few hours before the ceremony and tied into a posy. This will stay fresh for a few hours.

Choice of Flowers

Roses are a firm favourite and are most suitable for a posy or mixed with other flowers in a cascade.

Calla Lilies in a sheaf style or in a cascade or crescent.

Orchids – Phallenopsis orchids are wonderful in a cascade. However, they can crush easily.

Berberas are very suitable for hand tied bunches.

Above all choose a style that you are comfortable with.