Bright young children tax parents

How to deal with children who behave beyond their years.

Children who are advanced for their age demand a lot from parents and can be quite demanding in terms of time and focus.

They are constantly doing things and talking and are able to respond to adults and answer questions that only older children would normally be able to do.

Children, as young as 2 years old, can experience tremendous frustration as their little bodies are childlike, but their minds are more advanced.

Parents are often concerned at this advanced behaviour and think they should have their child assessed by a professional psychologist.

It is important, as parents, not to overreact and it may not be necessary to seek the advice of a child psychologist. These children are not abnormal in any psychological way.

First, children who are advanced beyond their peer group should not be singled out for any special treatment as this will draw attention to them from other children of their age group.

It is important to allow these children to stay in their same age group.

Without singling these children out they should be given more advanced play.

This can take the form of word games, interactive toys, puzzles etc. Enrol your child in an Art workshop if you can, as creative activities are good for mind development.

Companies that provide for advanced learners at a young age

There are companies that provide educational play opportunities e.g. Early Learning Centre, Wise Kids.

These companies provide games – press a button, give you a word, then another word (listening and doing). Puzzles are also extremely good. Early Learning DVD’s are also beneficial.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers – This group from the UK has resources for all special needs including advanced learners. Visit

It would be wise to keep your child engaged and focussed, but always remember they are a child.

After the age of 2 or 3 you may well decide to have your child educationally assessed.

Take advice from educationists and choose someone who has all the qualifications to assess your child’s age group.

The Montesorri education system will allow the very young children to advance at their own pace, without isolating them from their social group.

Always get advice and help from the professionals.