Buying property made easy

Going to property exhibitions is one way of learning about up-and-coming villa developments. At these exhibitions you will meet all the developers who are selling their properties in exotic locations.

They will have fancy advertising brochures and videos showing white sandy beaches, girls in swim suits, lovers walking hand-in-hand along the beach, sunsets and romantic dinners for two and more, in fact pretty much everything that says luxury and exclusivity, except Sex in the Surf!

Wherever you live you will see advertisements for these exhibitions or if you have a relationship with one of the major estate agents you will be notified by post. Some exhibitions are exclusive to the developer and are held in hotel suites. These exhibitions are often launching a new development and therefore, a great opportunity to be the first in and buy off-plan.

The exhibition is a one-stop-shop to get all the information about a new development and the developers are likely to be there in person if it is an exclusive first launch. This is a great opportunity to talk with the developer and get a feel for what they are promising to deliver.

There will be a model of the development, plans and all the marketing material with artists’ impressions and a video showing slick computer generated graphics of what it would be like to walk through the development and in and around the villas. This is an opportunity to gather all the information you can and ask lots of questions.

Some developers may offer finance if they have an arrangement with a major financial institution in the country in which they are doing the development. If this is the case, it is a good sign, as no reputable financial institution would provide finance if the developer did not have the necessary track record and reputation. Also, some developers may offer you free accommodation if you travel to see the site. If not then ask them. You never know, if they think you may be a genuine buyer, they may agree to this.

Be upfront and ask for a discount and or a free furniture package. The developer may be willing to offer these and other incentives if they think you are likely to purchase.

If you see a property that you like and the developer says it is under offer ask them to contact you if the buyer does not go ahead with the purchase. This can happen for many reasons, for example, a buyer puts a deposit down on the property and then later finds they cannot get the finance or they buy elsewhere.

It is well worth going to some of these exhibitions even if you have no intention of buying from that developer, or in that country, as you can learn a lot. As an investor you will get to know how the developers operate and it is good to compare the different developments on offer. Never give up on the quest to find the right property for you and don’t buy the first thing you see.