Cacao Pearl Resort

Hot property of the month is the Cacao Pearl luxury eco-resort in northern Palawan on a pristine private island in the South China sea, a short hop from Manila by seaplane, a journey you will relish in taking as you fly over stunning scenery including small tropical islands, rainforests and the limestone cliffs at St. Paul’s National Park.

Palawan’s many tropical islands, rainforests and natural delights have pretty much been a secret known only to intrepid divers and committed eco-tourists until now and the Philippine government, keen to keep the whole Palawan archipelago a place of natural and unaltered beauty, have supported the creation of numerous marine reserves and UNESCO granted the entire region Biosphere status in the 1990s.

Call it an eco trip if you will and be prepared for the “wow” factor, as this short plane ride is just the prelude to something very special.

Forget your normal island resort that pretends to be eco friendly; this one is going to be the real thing. It is a groundbreaking luxury eco resort and that is not meant as a contradiction in terms. If you want the gold taps sort of luxury then Dubai is for you, but if you want the guilt-free green luxury variety then try this resort on for size.

The island is fringed by china-white sand and deserted beaches with only the local wildlife for company. There will only be one resort on this island, where only 10% of the property is developed, just 90 villas in all, leaving the rainforest, caves and private sandy coves remaining untouched.

Trails and an extensive canopy walk will be carefully added that residents can walk around the island and appreciate its serene beauty without disturbing the natural environment.

Imagine waking up under chic hardwood and thatched roof designer residences metres away from crystal clear ocean waters, then taking lunch in Montalban’s fusion restaurant, serving fresh organic food and later in the day relaxing in the Cri’lo cliff-edge ecoSpa.

For starters, all materials for the resort are going to be ethically sourced and no hardwood will come from illegal loggers. All the luxury villa features, such as private sundecks, plunge pools, water gardens, signature bathrooms and sophisticated resort facilities, will hide the many innovations that make this a sustainable, ethical and eco-aware development. And, in case you were wondering, the entire community will be powered by renewable energy.

In addition, Cacao Resorts is the world’s first eco-luxury resort management company to utilise 100% of its operating profits to fund environmental protection and social improvement programmes.

Who is going to supply this eco wonderland? Eco-specialists, Barefoot Developments are the developers and to add at bit of showbiz razzmatazz the resort is designed by a film Art Director named Antonio Calvo from Seville, Spain.

With the Cacao Pearl promising to be the world’s first luxury eco-resort community, its slogan could read: No carbon footprint only footprints in the sand.

The deal is…and this might come as a surprise: All the villa residences range from around US$200k to US$500k, annual fees are under $3k and linked to your rental income and you can visit whenever you like or have your residence rented by the resort if you feel like some extra income.

Cacao Pearl Resorts residences are available in two phases (phase one is sold out, phase two from April 2009), and with only one construction phase, the resort is expected to open towards the end of 2012.

For further information about investing in this pearl of the orient, contact Claire: [email protected] +44 (0) 7967 258 121