Vietnam War Museum

The War Museum in Ho Chi Minh City leaves nothing to the imagination with everything on display including jars of deformed human fetuses.

Ferrying Around

Whether travelling to and from Japans islands or between Bali and Lombok, ferries are part of journeying around SE Asia and not just for backpackers.

Tips on Trips

Getting around Koh Samui island has never been easier using public transport. The choice ranges from taxi motorbikes to pick-up trucks called a Songtaew.

Skytrain is heaven

The Bangkok skytrain, is now a fixture on the cities skyline. Reliable with stations well placed, it is a great way to get around town.

Tuk-tuk Tales

Love them or hate them, tuk-tuks are a fixture of Bangkok’s streets. How long will they continue to defy the city’s desire for modernity?

Genting Escape

The Genting Highlands in Malaysia is a real adventure and fun for all the family. You maybe surprised at what you find there.

Travelling Online

The world wide web brings the world of online travel into your home. But with so many websites is the truth becoming harder to find?

Wireless Woes

WIFi is supposed to make life easy, right? But when you travel in some parts of Asia getting the right connection is far from easy.