Celebrity Superyachts

Super yachts offer a combination of extreme power and slick, ocean-going design. The plush, personalised interiors resemble luxury homes with comfortably appointed cabins, spacious dining saloons, lush lounges and expansive sun decking. The most extravagant examples even include facilities such as a gym, sauna and Jacuzzi and a number of the world’s top superyachts also boast a helicopter landing pad to allow owners easy access.

Business giants and celebrities often buy or charter superyachts rather than staying in luxury resorts. The privacy of the open sea, combined with 5-star services and luxury facilities appeal to those with the funds to seek total, opulent escape. Once on board, stars can avoid constant media attention and the crews are often trained to be discreet, guaranteeing that nobody ever knows their guests there until long after the cruise has finished. With private air charter companies now covering many parts of Asia, the rich and famous can fly in absolute comfort to their chosen destination, then board a superyacht to cruise in blissful anonymity. Owners include Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of Dubai and Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich, while Madonna, Johnny Depp and Russell Crowe have all been spotted aboard these exuberant vessels.

Phuket is currently the top destination for super yachts in Asia with over 40 vessels cruising the Andaman coast last year alone. Marinas include Yacht Haven, Ao Po Grand Marina and Jumeirah Private Island, all of which boast impressive berth side facilities and onshore refit and repair services. There’s even a dedicated super yacht regatta every December, which attracts large numbers of stunning craft. Cruising routes from Phuket extend north to the remote islands off Burma, while to the southeast boats can explore the unspoilt archipelagos around Trang and Satun. Protected waters with plenty of options and stunning coastal scenery make for the ultimate private cruise and because super yachts can easily cover large distances, longer voyages south to Malaysia and Indonesia also appeal. Over on the Thai Gulf, super yachts from China and Hong Kong now cruise and anchor off islands such as Koh Samui and Koh Tao, the former is also well known for its regatta, which takes place every June/July and is the season finale for the Asian Yachting Grand Prix.

Singapore is also now becoming a major superyacht destination. It’s strategic location makes it ideal for cruising the region’s most unspoilt marine areas. Singapore based superyachts are generally owned by Singaporean businessmen, but increasing numbers of wealthy British, French, American and Indian owners are relocating their yachts in the Lion State. Super yachts charters are also available in Singapore, aboard fabulous vessels such as Hye Seas II, a 116 foot, Italian designed masterpiece that combines total style, with comfort, speed and cutting-edge technology.

Asia’s growing super yacht infrastructure allows those for whom money is no object to enjoy absolute luxury as they cruise some of the most appealing sailing destinations in the world.