Destination Wedding : Koh Samui Thailand

Romantic Wedding by John Tustin
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Make the paradise island of Koh Samui Thailand the idyllic setting for your perfect day. The sheer romance of marrying with the tropical seas behind you and palms covering the mountains beyond is enough to tempt many couples to take their vows on Koh Samui. Entire families have been known to arrive and share the moment, filling hotel rooms and even staying on for the honeymoon.

For those who are tempted to consider this option, Faraway Weddings based in Koh Samui will take care of all your wedding arrangements.

With the ceremony and celebrations taking place at Faraway’s very own discreet and private beachside Villa or with Faraway providing the services to your own location; your personal and professional wedding planner will plan and arrange the ceremony, offering a full range of wedding packages that include a traditional Thai ceremony complete with chanting orange-robed monks, a Christian wedding with ordained minister/priest, or the more popular option of a native-English speaking secular celebrant who will conduct the ceremony on the beach.

Temple | Koh Samui - Thailand - Wedding Venues.
Temple | Koh Samui - Thailand - Wedding Venues.
Church | Koh Samui - Thailand - Wedding Venues.
Church | Koh Samui - Thailand - Wedding Venues.

These secular ceremonies, held as sunset approaches, include the reading of vows and the exchanging of rings or a renewal of vows for married couples.

Meanwhile for the more culturally minded, elephants, water blessings and Thai classical dancers in full costume can all be arranged to add a bit of local colour to the matrimonial proceedings.

Even when you take into account the cost of flights and accommodation, getting married on Koh Samui can still work out much cheaper than going through the process back home, you won’t even need to buy the clothes as local tailors are happy to provide our suitably special outfits for the bride and groom for a very reasonable price.

Take a look at what the beautiful island of Koh Samui Thailand can offer you both and make your special day a lifetime experience.

John Tustin works as a Celebrant on Koh Samui and can be contacted through Faraway Weddings: