Gifts & Invitations

Gifts and Invitations

Choosing personlised or unique wedding gifts for the special people that take part in your big day is another enjoyable task you will embark on before your wedding.

Engraved items are a good choice as a memento of your special day. Silver and gold are the most popular, but also leather and glass can be engraved. Engrave names and phrases that remind those who took part that they helped make your big day a huge success.

Most large department stores can monogramme gifts on certain items that you purchase from their store.

Other gift choices might be useful items, such as jewelry, bags, photo frames, money clips and watches. Whatever unique wedding gifts you choose it is the thought behind them that counts.


Wedding invitations can be bought in most stores, but these will be standard invitations that leave you to fill in the blanks with your wedding details.

Personlised wedding invitations that speak directly to your guests are much better and they will appreciate the effort you have gone to to make your big day special. Also, guests often like to keep unique wedding invitations as a memento of the wedding, so couples should design them with this in mind.

Theme cards are popular

You can get lots of ideas from the Internet and some sites will give you detailed instructions on how to make your own.

Theme cards can come in all shapes and sizes and are popular if you are having an unconventional or casual wedding, for example, cards shaped as flip-flops for a beach wedding and paper fans, useful for an outdoor wedding in summer time. Whatever you choose to don’t forget you will have to post them!