Home furniture packages

Most developers offer a home furniture package for your property with their new developments. Some packages are included in the price but most are not.

The furniture package consists of everything you would need for your home including the knives and forks and some include artwork as well, but don’t expect a Picasso!

What is the cost?

The cost of the home furniture packages from the developer varies from around US$25,000 to US$50,000. With the average being US$35,000.

If your property is priced at around 1 million expect to pay US$50,000 or above, but don’t expect the quality to be any better. It is priced higher because you probably have a bigger property with more bedrooms, so additional furniture will be required overall.

Sometimes the developer offers a choice of home furniture packages. You might get to choose either a local style, for example, ethnic or rustic or a modern design, but don’t expect, if you choose modern, to get Italian design or quality.

Also, you are not going to get a choice of fabrics, or colour. You will get what the interior designer, employed by the developer, decides.

If the developer chooses dark brown for everything you can’t ask for lighter tones. One-off packages can’t be catered for. If you want this then you will need to hire your own interior designer.

Again, it is a question of numbers. The developer orders everything in bulk.

The one issue I have with the furniture packages, and they are not all bad, is the quality. Don’t expect high quality furniture.

The furniture will probably come from a local supplier and made locally. This doesn’t mean it is not good, its just not going to last and it won’t wear very well, especially if you plan to rent out your property and it gets a lot of use.

If the developer already has a show home constructed on site, then it will most likely be furnished with the furniture from the package.

You will then see, at first hand and in situ, exactly what you can expect to get when you purchase the furniture package. Otherwise, you will have to rely on the pictures you see in the sales brochure and the specifications sheet.

Home furniture packages are not compulsory, but if you are an investor or just too busy to do it yourself, it is an obvious choice for most property purchasers.