Interior finish

Interior Finish…This is where a lot of developers slip up, even the well established ones.

First, I need to mention that everyone’s idea of a quality finish is different. No surprises there. This does however translate into a lot of problems for both villa purchasers and the developer. Expectations are high, not surprising if you are going to fork-out anywhere close to a million US dollars for your villa.

When you flick through the glossy marketing brochures, all the villas have that million dollars plus look. Very nice, you say, but will this translate into reality for your villa? Developers go to great pains preparing specifications for their brochures and they are not intentionally trying to mislead you, but sometimes they do get carried away with their marketing jargon and hype.

High quality materials will be mentioned in their marketing brochures such as marble finish and teak floors. However, if you look at the small print it will say these specifications might change. When questioned they will say if there are any changes they will be “like for like.” You must hope they are not comparing apples with oranges!!

Most developers will have samples of the materials they are going to use, such as the wood and tiles and this will give you a general idea of the standard. They will often give you a choice too, for example, choosing between wooden or tiled floors. This is all good stuff and will give you some idea of the intended finish, but not the whole picture.

For this, you will need to see what everything looks like in situ and the only way this will happen is, if the developer builds a show villa with the materials and the finish you have been told to expect. However, by the time this happens you will, no doubt, have committed and gone ahead with your purchase based on what you have been told and trust to luck that the developer will deliver on the interior finish he promises.