Kamalaya showcases ‘Healing Art’ artists

Set in an inspired and beautiful natural environment and offering a diverse range of healing therapies from East and West, Kamalaya is an award-winning sanctuary that draws visitors from around the globe.

Kamalaya’s in-house art gallery is currently holding an exhibition called “Healing Art for a Healing Island” and features the work of local Samui artists, both Thais and westerners, whose paintings draw on the island’s natural beauty.

The Thai artists currently featured at Kamalaya include Sujitra “June” Kerdsompong (on the left of the photograph), who uses art as an expression of her personality. June painted from early childhood and her unique style of painting relies on a multi media approach, employing copper sheets in combination with colour to create beautiful textures that often depict Buddhist images. ” For me, painting is about healing myself and healing my emotions,” she says. “If I am upset, the picture picks up on that emotion and takes it away from me.

Also, Konkarn “Jeap” Boomivitaya (on the right of the photograph), is a painter whose inspiration comes from the Zen Mandala Buddhist Way of Art. Her spiritual journey started when she entered a monastery for five years with her husband at a young age. Upon leaving she  was seperated from her husband for long periods as he continued in his Buddhist practise and attended many retreats. Later whilst raising her two boys she taught hereself Zen meditation and painting. Jeap incorporates Dharmic Taoist symbols in her works, specilaises in Sacred Calligraphy and also focuses on hanging scrolls like the ones seen in the photograph.

Another seasoned Samui-based artist featured in the exhibition is Vichian Boonmeemak, whose first exhibition was on Cataliana Island back in 1986. Vichian describes his paintings as moments of infinite love, freedom and harmony and the work resembles a playground of symbols and imagination, exploding from the canvas to reveal world of dancing imagery. ” I decided to live full time with my art because I want to experience it all the way,” he says. “Everything I have learned in life, I give to my paintings.”

Western artists included in the exhibition include Australian Robert Powell whose paintings and drawings are widely published and are the subject of two books. Other achievements include a solo exhibition at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, as well as a retrospective exhibition of Powell’s Himalayan drawings at the Zurich Ethnographic Museum. Robert’s sketches, measured drawings and photographs from three decades in Asia continue to inspire his current work and his pieces aptly reflect his experience.

Nartana is another celebrated western artist on show at Kamalaya Gallery, a German artist whose work invites the viewer to engage on a more subconscious level through form, texture, colour and space. His work has shown in galleries across Europe, as well as in India and the US. “The need for creativity has always been with me,” he says. “There is such an intimacy and freedom when I paint, or rathe- when painting happens! It’s not always pretty. At times it seems that the most perfect thing is the white, clean and square canvas.”

The Healing Art Exhibition celebrates all things green and healthy, in keeping with Kamalaya’s philosophy. Guests at the resort experience a life-enriching healthy holiday with a range of wellness programmes offering solutions for detox, yoga, stress and burnout, fitness and weight control. A team of international naturopaths create personal health programmes combining various holistic medicine, spa and healing therapies. Even for those simply looking fro a relaxing and restorative holiday, Kamalaya offers an inspiring environment, fabulous healthy food and complimentary inclusions such as wellness consultation and holistic activities.

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