Leaving on a jet plane

International Departure gate 6

Leaving Koh Samui is never easy, everyone wishes they could stay longer.

When the airport first opened back in 1989 the arrival and departure gates were all in the same location, now they are separated and with this separation the airport has bloomed in more ways than one!

When you arrive at the departure hall you can go straight to the check in desk without having to put your luggage through an airport scanner, which you had to do before. Once you have your boarding pass you can head off to the departure gate.

For those of you used to the old terminal buildings you may find it a bit confusing to get around at first, especially when you are flying out and trying to find your departure gate.

The domestic gate is first followed by the international departure gate at the far end of the airport. However, as always the helpful staff will make sure you get to where you are going.

No golf carts yet

Before the departure gates you will find yourself walking down the airport shopping street, which for some Babyboomers may remind them of the ’60’s cult TV series called ‘The Prisoner’ starring Patrick McGoohan, No man is just a Number. There are even speakers dotted along the street blaring out music, but no golf carts yet!

Along the street you will find cafes, restaurants, a pub, a book store and up market shops selling everything from Thai silks to art and china etc., just in case you need to buy that present you had forgotten earlier.

Domestic departure gate

After “the walk” you will come to the domestic departure gate. Here you will show your boarding pass and then proceed to the gate. You wont have to go through passport control as you are on a domestic flight.

International passengers will have further to walk. Follow the signs for International Departure Gate 6. Before the gate you will have to show your boarding pass and put your hand luggage through another airport security scanner (remember no liquids are allowed through), then you can proceed to passport control.

At the departure gate there is free coffee and snacks and a good Duty Free shop.

Bon voyage! and can I hear you say…”I’ll be back!?”