Beware “Sharks”

Koh Samui is well known for its accessible beaches and all of them are safe to swim from. However, do beware of jet-ski operators. 

  • Good SE Asian Reads
  • Novels set in SE Asia can provide a wealth of information about the countries they are set in and help us understand their different cultures. 

  • Hair today gone tomorrow
  • Although more salons are becoming capable of dealing with foreign women’s hair, there are still many pitfalls, and I’ve stumbled into nearly all of them. 


  • Walk the walk for fitness
  • Walking the beach is a good way to keep fit and healthy. Koh Samui has some of the best beaches in Thailand for walking along. 

  • Sumo Supreme
  • Sumo wrestling is the national sport of Japan which has a history thousands of years old, when it was created to amuse the Shinto gods. 

  • Celebrity Superyachts
  • Superyachts or Mega yachts, are generally more than 120 feet in length and boast three decks with extravagant, luxury onboard accommodation for 10-12 guests.  

  • Sailing Asia
  • The Asian international yachting series draws top class international skippers and crews to compete in sailing events in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. 

  • Best golf in Asia
  • Thailand is a golfers' paradise with hundreds of courses to choose from, most of them offering stunning surroundings and top class facilities at reasonable prices. 

  • Football Mad
  • SE Asia is as obsessed with football as other nations and not only with their national teams but those in the European League as well. 

  • Get your kicks from Thai Boxing
  • To have a good grasp of Thailand’s cultural heritage you need to understand something of Muay Thai, the martial art which combines kicks and punches. 

  • Hong Kong hosts the East Asian Games
  • Hong Kong will host the 2009 East Asia Games. This event held every four years will feature 23 sports, 16 of which are Olympic sports. 

  • The Art of Sudoku
  • Sudoku has been popular for quite a few years. But for those of us who joined the craze some time back, monotony is setting in. 

  • Malaysian Grand Prix
  • The Malaysian Grand Prix, held yearly in April, is Malaysia’s biggest sporting event, attracting thousands of visitors from around the world and local racing enthusiasts. 

  • Extreme Sports
  • Imagine swimming half a kilometre, cycling up and down mountains for 30 kilometres, running for 10 kilometres and even rope climbing, welcome to adventure racing. 

  • Kamalaya showcases ‘Healing Art’ artists
  • Kamalaya in southern Koh Samui, is famous for its wellness sanctuary and also showcasing artists whose main work is inspired by nature and holistic living. 



    McVities on the Shelves

    Supermarkets are the new shopping malls in SE Asia with everything under one roof. Small corner shops are finding it difficult to compete with them.  


    Sukhumvit Shopping Experience

    Many tourists stay on Sukhumvit when visiting Bangkok because all the best shopping is on their doorstep. 

  • Jim Thompson
  • Jim Thompson established the Thai Silk Company in 1947, revolutionising the silk industry and in the process transforming a dying skill into a designer brand. 

  • Shopping Malaysia
  • Great shopping experience. From entertainment and fashion to arts and culture to international and local gourmet, Suria KLCC in Kuala Lumpur is a shopping Mecca. 

  • Floating Markets
  • Floating markets are most prevalent in the south of Thailand and Vietnam, all along the Mekong and its tributaries. 

  • Silk Road…tailor made in 24 hours
  • Hunting for a bargain is great fun if you know where to shop. The best place for shopping in Koh Samui is Chaweng Main Street. 


  • Vietnam War Museum
  • The War Museum in Ho Chi Minh City leaves nothing to the imagination with everything on display including jars of deformed human fetuses. 

  • Ferrying Around
  • Whether travelling to and from Japans islands or between Bali and Lombok, ferries are part of journeying around SE Asia and not just for backpackers. 

  • Tips on Trips
  • Getting around Koh Samui island has never been easier using public transport. The choice ranges from taxi motorbikes to pick-up trucks called a Songtaew.  

  • Skytrain is heaven
  • The Bangkok skytrain, is now a fixture on the cities skyline. Reliable with stations well placed, it is a great way to get around town. 

  • Tuk-tuk Tales
  • Love them or hate them, tuk-tuks are a fixture of Bangkok's streets. How long will they continue to defy the city’s desire for modernity?  

  • Genting Escape
  • The Genting Highlands in Malaysia is a real adventure and fun for all the family. You maybe surprised at what you find there. 

  • Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport
  • Bangkok's major international airport, Suvarnabhumi, one of the largerest in the world, has had it share of troubles. But now it plans to get bigger. 

  • Travelling Online
  • The world wide web brings the world of online travel into your home. But with so many websites is the truth becoming harder to find? 

  • Wireless Woes
  • WIFi is supposed to make life easy, right? But when you travel in some parts of Asia getting the right connection is far from easy. 

  • High minded fly Air Asia
  • Air Asia pioneered low-cost air travel in Asia setting new standards in the industry. In 2009 it was awarded Best Asian Low-Cost Carrier. 

  • It’s Happening in Thailand
  • World class events that includes everything from rock concerts to sporting events are giving International visitors more reasons to visit Thailand. 

  • Leaving on a jet plane
  • Flying out of Koh Samui is more difficult than flying in. Unlike Patrick McGoohan in the cult TV series 'The Prisoner', nobody wants to leave. 


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