Dragon-I is Hong Kong’s “must go if you are in Hong Kong” stylish dining and entertainment emporium.

Dragon-I is a cross between a Cohen Brothers movie where you won’t see the blood because most of the decor is in bordello red and ‘In the Mood for Love’ with shades of Chinese and Japanese motifs bathed in subdued and seductive lighting; a prerequisite for nightclub status.

Dragon-I is the place if you want to dine with wine and get red-hot on the dance floor gyrating to world-class music from top international DJ’s.

The beautiful crowd is Hong Kong’s young, hot, chic and stylish party animals that go to see and be seen.

Good for most of the week but avoid Wednesday nights, as this is ‘models nite’. Corporate types, slip on their loafers and gather to ogle the models and ‘test picture models’ who get in free.

They have a huge terrace festooned with birdcages and this is somewhere you can relax during the day or early evening with a pick-me-up cocktail after a long day at the office.

Since it opened to rave reviews in 2002 Dragon-I has seen many Celebes from Boy George to Chow Yun Fat who have come to play and party the night away.

To some Dragon-I is past it’s sell by date, but not an old lady yet! Despite the jaded look it still draws the international jet-set crowd and is heading towards becoming a nightclub classic.

Situated at the top of Lan Kwai Fong on Wyndham Street. Strict dress policy at the door; you will be judged on style alone!

Dragon-I The Centrium, UG/F, 60 Wyndam Street, Central, Hong Kong. Tel: (852) 3110 1222. Fax: (852) 3110 1223.E-mail: [email protected] Website:

Hours: Noon – 15:00. Happy Hour: 17:00-20:00. Dinner: 18:00-23:00. Club Hours: 23:30 late till very late.

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