Arts & Design

Lao Tapestries weave their magic

The Lao weaving industry disappeared after the war in the 1970¬ís, but the gradual opening of Communist-run Laos means it is now being restored. 

  • Golden opportunities in lacquer art
  • Vietnamese lacquer ware is famous all over the world and its history is a fascinating insight into the patience and creativity of the Vietnamese people.  

  • Beautiful Bamboo
  • If you associate bamboo with outmoded furniture and cheap housing materials, then think again. Bamboo is now being used by designers all over the world. 


    Arts & Design

    Art imitating life

    The artists' community in Thailand is growing all the time and it's now possible to source original paintings, batiks and ceramics for decorating your home. 

  • ZHUANG Xiaowei Glass sculptor Extrodinaire
  • Zhuang is seen as the father of the Contemporary Chinese Glass Sculpture scene and without a doubt the most influential glass artist in China today. 

  • Louise Soloway
  • Influenced by Indian and Chinese art forms, Louise Soloway likes to capture the essence of everyday life through her tableaux-like base-reliefs and art. 



    Movie director calls all the shots

    Today, I felt I had cracked it! I e-mailed the beach photographs and all the details to the production company in London and waited. 

  • HD shooters come to Thailand
  • It's not all sun and fun here. I get asked all sorts of questions from production companies and not all are related to location scouting. 

  • Technology leads the day
  • I nearly walked right past him at the meeting point because he looked like a student coming to Koh Samui for the full moon party. 


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