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“We're “talking” more than ever, and in more ways than ever, because of all these new devices”. Larry KING Host of Larry King Live on CNN.

What is iTalkOnTV™?

The vision is to get every business talking to their customers and clients using the power of broadband and the Internet's global reach.

To answer this, we have created a powerful platform to showcase our client's business by providing an integrated video solution, which encompasses production, packaging and publishing their video programming on the Internet.

New technology is helping to democratize and level the playing field for all types of business, so that costly television advertising, which is out of reach for many companies, is now considered an option for those migrating to the Internet.


GOtv Ltd., is the production arm of iTalkOnTV™. Created by TV professionals from STAR TV's Corporate Network to provide advertising and consultancy for business outside mainstream television, a niche market that has grown with the viewing habits of the Net Generation, ubiquitous broadband connections and the proliferation of hand held devices (PDA's) such as the iPod, Blackberry and iPhone.

Present and future developments

Many of our clients share the view that the future for business marketing is going to be rich content on the Internet, and they have asked us to work with them in developing this content.

Others are enquiring about producing their own programming and we have already started producing individual showcases for these clients.

In recent years clients have found it easy to use the streaming video services of the likes of YouTube, as it is easy to use and bears no cost to them.

However, they have also become conscious of the domination of YouTube's video platform and not all clients want to see YouTube's branding on their video player.

Because of this clients are asking for a video player of their own design. To meet this demand we have joined with Media Feat Limited, a design and Internet publishing company also based in Hong Kong. Their cutting-edge service makes sure our clients are up to date and in some cases ahead of current trends on the Internet.

Through them we can quote for the cost of video publishing, which includes design, hosting and bandwidth. We are also happy to quote for all our other services.

Corporate Clients 2007-2008:Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) - 'Doing Business In Asia'. Property Developer - Peregrina Bay. Alive TV Network - 'Macau City Guide'.

Further information and free demonstration contact: gotv (at) netvigator (dot) com

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