Nightclub Street

Koh Samui’s nightlife scene has become more diverse over the past five years and is now known as one of the best spots to party in Southern Thailand.

With international DJs gigging on the island and nightclubs opening up on a weekly basis, Samui can provide something for everyone’s taste and budget.

Chaweng is definitely the nightlife capital of Samui with a range of restaurants, pubs, clubs and shows on offer and Soi Green Mango in the heart of Chaweng is the pulsing epicenter of it all.

A deceptively small lane running off the main road through Chaweng, it is jammed full of bars, all pumping out music at top volume.

Not for the faint hearted, Soi Green Mango will suck you into a dancing, drinking vortex and with some bars open much later than the 2am curfew it is possible, in fact almost inevitable, to still be sipping cocktails as the sun comes up.

Read on to find out more about bars and clubs in Soi Green Mango:
Night Club Asia Review - Seoul | Korea
Soi Green Mango | KOH SAMUI
Green Mango
With its large dance floor open to the street, and a lounge area with pool tables, this is the largest club in the soi, usually packed to the rafters full of sweaty, gyrating tourists. But with cheap drinks, the latest music and a great location it isn’t hard to see why it is popular.

Night Club Asia Review - Seoul | Korea
Night Club Asia review - Sweet Soul
Sweet Soul
This is another Samui institution and is popular with tourists and expats alike. The music is a mix of R n’ B, hip hop and Top 40 dance tunes. It serves up Samui’s infamous Sangsom whisky buckets and has special nightly drink offers. The party often continues into the street between Sweet Soul and Green Mango creating a hedonistic, free flowing atmosphere.

Night Club Asia Review - Seoul | Korea
Night Club Asia review - Sound Bar
Sound Bar
This is a great outdoor venue with a dance floor at the back which features DJs playing heavy house or techno and a slightly more chilled out front bar playing hip-hop and R n’ B. This place is draws huge crowds later on when the other clubs start to shut as it doesn’t really get going until 1am.
Night Club Asia Review - Seoul | Korea
Christy’s Cabaret | Moulin Rouge Cabaret
Christy’s Cabaret UPDATE NOW : Moulin Rouge Cabaret
Not actually in Soi Green Mango but very nearby, Christy’s is Samui’s top ladyboy entertainment venue. It puts on a very camp revue every night featuring show tunes and pop classics. Entrance is free but the drinks are quite expensive.

Night Club Asia Review - Seoul | Korea
Night Club Asia review - Dream Girls
Night Club Asia Review - Seoul | Korea
Night Club Asia review - Dream Girls
Dream Girls
Soi Green Mango has been cleaned up in the last few years and features less of the ‘girly bars’ than it used t. However down one end there is a range of go-go bars where you will see girls lounging around outside the or desultorily sliding up and down poles just inside the entrance. As they are all open to the street it is worth passing by and having a look and of course there is no need to go in if you don’t want to experience that side of Samui life. Dream Girls, a large, split-level establishment is probably the most up-market and popular of them all.



So if you fancy a big night out in Chaweng, and to go bar-hopping without having to travel further than the next bar along then Soi Green Mango is for you. Vodka and redbull, beer and Sangsom whisky are the tipples of choice and there are dance floors aplenty. It is just a case of making sure you can remember where you are staying when you stumble out, and having some aspirin handy for the headache that is sure to make itself felt the next day.