The Pier

This modern and stylish restaurant is located right next to the pier in Bo Phut, hence the name. It is open on three sides, which means a cool sea breeze often rustles through the building, and it has two floors for dining and drinks.

This place must have the most comfortable seating on the island with large grey lounges which feature enormous all-weather cushions to sink into. The seats on the ground floor, perched at the edge of the restaurant overlooking the sea, with low-slung tables in front, are by far the most popular. For those who prefer a more traditional dining experience, there are plenty of wooden chairs and tables scattered throughout. Upstairs, the tables and chairs have pride of place next to the view and the lounges are more set back.

The Pier is more than able to deal with large groups, but dining ‘a deux’ is still a delight as the restaurant has been set up to provide cozy corners and spaces ideal for couples. They are also happy to cater for private parties. Although the food is definitely a highlight here, the location and excellent drinks menu attract many customers for aperitifs or even post-dinner drinks.

On the left of the entrance as you come in from the street is a well-stocked bar with designer bar stools to perch on. The creative cocktail menu is something they are particularly proud of with lychee mojitos a specialty as well as made-up concoctions such as ‘sex on the beanbag’ which mixes vodka, peach schnapps, and lime, apple and orange juice to create a delicious long drink.

The menu boasts international fare as well as Thai favourites. Ilsa and Yannick have recently overhauled the menu and put together a gastronomic delight. The chicken fajitas would make a Mexican swoon and the steaks are particularly good, with all the meat imported, mainly from Australia.

The food is beautifully presented, with the laab gai sitting in a cabbage leaf and the crab meat curry with raw papaya resting in a rich red sauce garnished with chilies. The chicken and cashew nut, a perennial favourite is as good as you would expect from a restaurant of this quality. The seafood platter is one of the most requested dishes and features king prawns, squid, salmon, and white snapper, all completely fresh.

Although it is a cliché to say leave room for dessert, at The Pier the point is begging to be made. All desserts are created with top-quality ingredients and again, beautifully presented. The tiramisu is homemade with fresh mascarpone and is incredibly light, and the sticky rice with fresh mango in coconut sauce is done to perfection.

The wine list is extensive, personally overseen by Ilse. She has chosen a wide selection in every price range from French to New World. Once you have moved on to coffee, you will be served the best Italian coffee in the world. All that is left is to choose a digestive, relax into well-fed contentment and enjoy the ambiance and view without being rushed out of the restaurant as the Pier stays open until the last customer leaves.


Restaurant guide rating for ALL categories is out of 10:
Outstanding 10
Excellent 9-8
Very Good 7-6
Good 5
Satisfactory 4
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Open every day 11am-10.30pm (kitchen).
Ph: 077 430 681-2
Email: [email protected]