Off plan property

Once you have done due diligence on the property developer you need to look at all the plans and schedules carefully.

Site plans

Always remember that site plans can and will change over the period of construction. There may be many reasons for this including unforeseen changes in the land surveys, land topography, involving changes to the layout of the development, decreasing the sizes of plots and increasing the number of villas or condos to be built and also, moving the position of facilities like a restaurant, spa and gym to different areas of the site.

Interior specifications may also change and in some extreme cases a complete redesign.

Some of these changes may work in your favour others not. If they are small then I wouldn’t worry, but if they are big such as a change of design, for example, changing the design of the villas from, let’s say, Thai style to a modern design with a flat roof, then you should be thinking about asking for your money back.

Plans can be deceptive especially if they are an artist’s impression. Always ask for full architect’s plans with measurements.

What to look for

If you are buying a villa for example, layout is important and the relative sizes of the rooms. Ask yourself, are some of the rooms much bigger or smaller than the others? Are the proportions right? Does the position of the swimming pool and its size look right? Is the sala giving you a view or obstructing the view? How close will you be to your neighbour? Are you over looked? This one is difficult depending on whether the surrounding villas are on the same level or above you on a rise in the land. In the end make sure it feels right for you.

Visit the site

It is essential, if you can, to visit the site and see where your villa will be in relation to the other villas and amenities that are to be built. If the site has been surveyed then it is likely a post will mark the position of your villa and your plot will be staked out. Make sure a site supervisor goes with you so you can ask questions about the topography of the site and views etc. The more information you have the better to make a sound judgment. If your plot does not live up to your expectations then it may not be too late to choose another plot on the site.