Planning your honeymoon

Choosing where to spend your honeymoon will be a lot of fun for you and your partner. Do this well in advance, as you will have to book flights and accommodation if you are traveling abroad and you may need visas and inoculations for certain parts of the world.

Most couples will have spent a holiday together before their marriage and will therefore have a good idea of their likes and dislikes. Use this as a good starting point and discuss with your partner your idea of the perfect honeymoon.

When planning your perfect honeymoon together you will have to consider whether you are going for a package holiday with everything included or choose an a la carte style honeymoon where you pick and choose where to visit and what to do.

Most newly weds will choose a romantic beach holiday where sand and sea play a prominent part of just chilling out and getting a suntan. This is a perfect choice for those who just want to relax and do nothing.

For the more energetically minded then there are plenty of choices from elephant trekking and safari to hiking the Inca Trail and visiting Machu Picchu.

For ideas look at magazines and search the Internet for that magical hideaway. Friends and family may also make suggestions based on their experiences.

Make sure you research your chosen destination thoroughly and check out the must places to visit. For example, if you choose an exotic location make sure you include visits to famous landmarks or monuments in that location such as visiting Angkor Wat if you are going to Cambodia.

Remember, whatever you choose to do make sure it is something that both of you want to do together.