Property Management

Interior specifications

Developers are fond of using the word luxury in their marketing material, but it is the design specifications that reveal whether a villa is luxurious.

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Interior finish

A million dollar home means a million dollar interior finish. Right? Beware of the glossy brochures produced by developers if you are buying off plan.

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Off plan property

Do your homework before buying off plan and do not proceed with the purchase unless you are certain the developer will deliver what he promised.

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No track record NO GO

In good times all sorts of developers wade into foreign markets hoping to make a killing. Do due diligence before buying.

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Location, LocationÂ…

Location comes first. Choosing the right property in the right location is crucial if you are going to make a big return on your investment.

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Home alone villa maintenance

One question that is often overlooked when purchasing a property in a development is who is going to manage the property once construction has finished?

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