Radio days and dance music

In Koh Samui there is a new show in town. You don’t even have to leave the house for it. Turn the dial on your radio or connect on the internet and try out Radio One Samui. This is one of the newest radio stations on the island and is a complete departure from the usual middle-of-the-road fare. Over 14 of Samui’s top DJs have got together to create an innovative new station which is currently carving out new frontiers in dance music.

On every day from 1pm to midnight, a diverse range of electronic music is played including chill-out, house and even ‘old skool’ music. The DJs are all old hands at keeping punters happy, many playing at major gigs around the island on a regular basis. They take it in turns to present their favourite tracks and the website has a comprehensive list of show times and styles of music being played.

The man behind the whole vision is David Sambor. He is a resident DJ and businessman on the island and has put in an enormous effort to make this station something which will appeal to visitors and expats alike. “With over 10 English speaking presenters on the station, Radio One Samui not only plays excellent music but is an informative guide to what is happening on the island,” he says. “It always provides up-to-date information about upcoming parties and detailed community news.”

David is very pleased with the feedback he has received over the past couple of months. “We are so proud of what we have achieved so far, as we exceeded our bandwidth in the first two weeks and in our first month on air we had over 24,000 website visits.”

Read more about three headlining DJs and their shows below:

Graham Gold – Trancedayze: Monday to Friday 1-4pm and every Thursday 7:30-10pm (local time).

With years of experience as an international DJ, including shows on London Kiss 100 and club nights at Peach Graham is one of the leading DJs in Koh Samui. He has played at major events including Earthdance, Homelands, the Street Parade in Zurich and Glastonbury. He also appears regularly in every leading dance music publication and is now turning out tracks which are played by the world’s elite. His radio show, Trancedayze airs on various national FM stations around the world as well as numerous internet portals.

Gary Gecko – The Gecko Experience: Every Tuesday 4-7pm (local time).

‘The Gecko Experience’ specializes in house and tech-house. Gary has been responsible for the well-known Gecko Samui Beach Parties for the past ten years and is the pioneer of what is now the booming international club scene in Koh Samui. Gary has been a DJ for over 20 years and now has a brand new label, ‘Gecko Records’ which is likely to make a big impact in the dance music industry. When he isn’t running his Gecko Club or doing DJ stints he can be found in his studio doing what he loves best…making music.

Kris Oliver – Tropical Freakshow: Every Friday 4-7pm (local time).

Every Friday, house, underground disco and forgotten dance classics from the past can be heard on Radio One Samui. Kris has been a DJ for over 15 years and has worked at many of London and Ibiza’s top clubs such as Bora Bora, Bambuddha Grove and Base. A few years ago he decided to make his home in Koh Samui and started his own club, Dust, which is well known for its dance parties and international guest DJs. He now plays at Salinas, Beach Republic, Q Bar, Gecko and many more popular spots on the island, and indeed all around the country.

If staying at home isn’t your thing then you need to go to Salinas Beach Club, Chaweng on a Saturday to catch Radio One Samui’s weekly beach party featuring many of the DJs from the station. The party gets going at lunchtime and doesn’t stop until midnight.