Rain Korean singer

Born Jeong Ji-hoon in South Korea in 1982, Rain is one of the most popular recording stars in SE Asia. He is a teen heart throb, but is much more than that. He is a singer, dancer, model, actor, designer and even CEO of his own entertainment company. This young man has achieved a lot in his short lifetime.

An introverted and shy child, Rain demonstrated his love of dance from an early age when he managed to conquer his fear and perform in a local talent show. He went on to receive low academic grades at school because of his love of dance, and in his teens he transferred to a Performing Arts School in Seoul so that he could concentrate on acting and dance.

When he was 18 two things happened which would change his life forever. His mother died of complications from diabetes which devastated the young man. However at the same time he was recruited by JYP Entertainment as a trainee and this is where his professional fortunes began.

He started out as a back-up dancer as ironically his looks were not considered a strong point. But in 2002 his debut album ‘Bad Guy’ became an international hit, surprising the entertainment company and Rain himself.

He capitalised on his new fame by going on to star in a drama series before releasing his second album ‘How to Avoid the Sun’ which was also a success. By this time he was becoming known for his versatility and particularly cementing his reputation as an actor, singer and dancer.

Another drama followed, and this one, ‘Full House’ was aired all across Asia, propelling him to the big time. Suddenly he was the target of all young girls and they flooded to his concerts wherever he performed.

‘Raining,’ released in 2005 is his most successful album to date and topped the charts in Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and of course his home country of South Korea. On the back of this release he won numerous MTV awards and was the first Asian artist to be invited to the American MTV Video Music Awards in Miami. The following year he was voted as one of Time Magazine’s most influential artists, second only to Ang Lee.

He followed this up by making it onto People Magazine’s list of ‘most influential people in the world’ in 2007. Not bad for a young man who was put at the back of the stage by his entertainment company because of his ‘hooded eyelids.’

Later that year he established his own entertainment company called J. Tune Entertainment after parting ways with JYP Entertainment following problems with cancelled shows and unpaid creditors. He is now the CEO and signing other young acts to his label.

Not content with heading up his own company he has recently branched out into fashion and in 2008 established a new clothing line called Six to Five which sells fashionable clothes for teenagers and young adults.

When he isn’t working on his albums or acting he is heavily involved with MTV EXIT. This is a campaign against human trafficking in Asia and he has supported the cause by narrating and presenting a documentary highlighting the issue.

At 27, Rain has only scratched the surface of what he can achieve. However unlike other young pop stars one gets the feeling that he won’t burn out due to fast living because of his prolific work ethic and expressed desire to ‘meet a nice girl and settle down.’ His next step is to break into the American and European markets and make himself into not only an Asian idol but a global phenomenon.