Rude Food

Aphrodisiacs were originally developed as a herbal remedy for sexual anxieties. Pharmaceutical products have filled that particular gap in the market today, but some of the traditional “recipes for love” are much more tasty, so it’s worth indulging in them anyway, even for fun.

Quite a few cocktails contain elements that add a little spice to your love life. Ripe, juicy pineapple adds sweetness and sexy vitamins, drop in a shot of vodka and you will soon be feeling both naughty and nice. Beyond providing a sexual stimulant, pineapple is also rich in nutrients, including vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, beta-carotenes and potassium, a necessity for sex hormone production. Pineapple is also considered a homeopathic treatment for impotence and and was once thought to “sweeten” a marriage. A fermented drink made from pineapple and honey was also used medicinally in Egypt as a cure for sterility.

A high concentration of potassium, coupled with their obviously phallic shape, also make bananas a popular aphrodisiac. Versatile and bursting with energy, bananas can really get the juices flowing. Then of course there’s coffee, a natural stimulant for both the body and the mind. A post-dinner espresso can provide just the right energy boost needed for a night of enduring passion.

Lesser known natural aphrodisiacs include basil, a common ingredient in Asian food that is also known to stimulate the sex drive and boost fertility. Then there are carrots, which were once used by Middle Eastern royalty to aid seduction, and surprisingly, garlic, which generates heat in the body that will stir your sexual desires, as long as you both have some to cancel out the aroma.

Perhaps the best-known modern day aphrodisiacs are wine and chocolate. The latter was actually referred to by the Aztecs as “nourishment for the Gods”. For the ultimate sensual tipple, wash down a bit of dark chocolate with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and wait for the passion to take over.

For those with a more adventurous nature, countries like Thailand and Vietnam offer a range of concoctions designed to give men that little extra charge in the bedroom. Ya Dong is Thai rice whisky infused with herbs, a medicinal tipple that’s still popular in the countryside, while a similar but much more dramatic version is Vietnamese snake whiskey or “Xio”, with local bars and shops serving all manner of herbal booze with a wide-eyed snake suspended in every bottle.

Perhaps the best way to prepare for true romancee is to relax and forget the stresses of your normal daily life. Combine a sensual diet with regular spa treatments to offset the pressures of life. The gentle touch of a skilled masseuse is sure to inspire a little passion when you get back home. Try a relaxing aromatherapy oil massage, then sip a cocktail, enjoy a a delicious Asian meal and head to the bedroom to relish the moment.