Scotch Eggs without the Haggis

Why Scotch Eggs without the Haggis?
This dish can be served as a snack or for lunch with a salad. Ideal for picnics or as a stand by in the fridge when you are feeling peckish.


Scotch Eggs Recipes - Topic Asia Magazine
Scotch Eggs Recipes - Topic Asia Magazine


8 Pork Sausages (buy good quality ones)
4 eggs (hard boiled)
1 small onion (grated)
Ginger (grated)
Garlic (grated)
Mixed herbs
Salt, pepper
Green chillies (finely chopped)
1 packet of breadcrumbs

1 egg for binding
Flour for the mixture


Skin the sausages and mix all the ingredients into the sausage meat. Divide the mixture into four.
Sieve some flour onto a work surface and pat out the mixture onto the flour.
Wrap the sausage meat mixture around the hard-boiled eggs, and then flour each Scotch egg well.
Beat the egg in a bowl and coat the scotch eggs with the egg mix.
Finally, coat the scotch eggs with the breadcrumbs.

Heat a pan of vegetable oil

Tip: check the temperature by putting a chopped potato chip into the oil. If the chip starts to boil straight away the oil is at the right temperature .

Deep-fry the scotch eggs for about 5-10 minutes or until golden brown.
Serve with Tomato Ketchup or HP Sauce.