Shopping Malaysia

With a superb location in the heart of the Golden Triangle in KL, Suria KLCC is a shopping paradise. These landmark buildings are justly famous with towers which seem to touch the clouds and a sleek design which defies description.

Most of the buildings are made up of offices, but on the 41st floor there is a sky-bridge which connects the towers and offers a breathtaking view across the city. The shopping complex is located at the base of the towers and boasts six levels of retail therapy.

With a modern design and excellent layout, a shopping day can pass in a whirl with designer boutiques sitting next to department stores and smaller, local shops. Gucci, Prada, Luis Vuitton and Chanel all have stores here catering the high end market so if you want to splurge then look no further.

If however you don’t want to make such a large dent in your wallet then cheaper chain stores such as Zara, MNG, G2000 and Esprit are also represented so there really is something for everyone in this shopping mall.

The information desk is located on the ground floor and the staff is very helpful at offering directions and advice. Restroom facilities are provided on every level and wheelchair and baby stroller services are available on request.

On the second level ‘Signatures’ food court serves up every kind of food, from international to local fare and provides a welcome break for foot-sore shoppers. Starbucks and other cafes and eateries are also dotted around the complex on each level. Outside by the fountains there are a number of restaurants which are open all day and into the evening.

Another break for shoppers is found in the form of KLCC Park which is situated right next to the towers. These 50 acres of tropical landscape are a delight to discover in the middle of the metropolis and provide pedestrian walkways, fountains and playgrounds for children. The only disadvantage is the disapproval which comes if you attempt to sit on the grass. It tends towards the ‘look but don’t touch’ attitude of many parks in SE Asia.

Back inside and the shops beckon. On the ground floor Marks and Spencer have a large retail outlet selling everything from clothes to food, and Isetan department store is nearby, stretching up over five floors. The ground floor also features a number of stalls ranged throughout the main walking areas, which sell candles, jewellery and other smaller items. This creates a market feel and a buzz which is missing from so many modern shopping malls.

Higher up the Tanjong Golden Village (TGV Cineplex) has a vast space offering all the latest films and there are other entertainment areas for children and adults alike.

One of the best things about this complex is the ease of commute. The Light Transit Rail (LRT) has a stop in the shopping centre itself and means that you can travel in from almost anywhere in KL. Avoid driving if you can because although there is a large car-park located under the complex it is always busy and the roads coming out of KLCC are bound to be jam packed, at all times of day.

If your shopping experience lasts until the evening then why not hit some of the bars and clubs which are within walking distance of the towers? Or sit by the fountain, which is beautifully lit at night and have an aperitif while watching the world go by. Everyone comes to KLCC and the volume and variety of visitors is almost overwhelming. The shopping is fabulous, the towers are beautiful and the location is unbeatable. What more could a shopaholic ask for?