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  • Tips on Trips
  • Getting around Koh Samui island has never been easier using public transport. The choice ranges from taxi motorbikes to pick-up trucks called a Songtaew.  

  • Movie director calls all the shots
  • Today, I felt I had cracked it! I e-mailed the beach photographs and all the details to the production company in London and waited. 

  • Avant Garde Fashion
  • Melinda Looi is one of the most prominent fashion designers in Malaysia today. She designs unique pieces that are a mix of East and West. 

  • McVities on the Shelves
  • Supermarkets are the new shopping malls in SE Asia with everything under one roof. Small corner shops are finding it difficult to compete with them.  

  • Sand between your toes
  • If you are looking for a a great wine and dine experience with a sea view, then visit a small beachfront restaurant called OCEAN 11. 

  • HD shooters come to Thailand
  • It's not all sun and fun here. I get asked all sorts of questions from production companies and not all are related to location scouting. 

  • Escape by the sea!
  • This is a rare opportunity to acquire a beach house in a stunning position on a beautiful beach in a hip part of Koh Samui. 

  • Lao Tapestries weave their magic
  • The Lao weaving industry disappeared after the war in the 1970’s, but the gradual opening of Communist-run Laos means it is now being restored. 


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