Skin care

Your skin

Skin is the biggest body organ and the most visible. Looking after it has become as important as the food you eat and your overall physical health.

The environment plays a large part in affecting the condition of your skin. Pollution, sun, dryness, humidity and the wind all contribute to this, as well as your genes.

You cannot do anything about the genes you have, but you can control how you treat your skin and above all how you look after it and protect it from the elements.

Your skin can also be affected by other factors other than external ones, for example, smoking and heavy drinking can affect your complexion and over time ageing, when basically your skin looses its elasticity and you become aware of gravity with sagging jowls, eyelids and more.

The face is exposed all the time and is the one part of your body that will show signs of ageing first, therefore, it is important to make sure it is treated with care at all times.

Spa products

You make decisions every day, which can affect your skin’s delicate balance. The first line of defense comes in the form of skin care products and there is an enormous industry that produces and supports these products.

Spa products have become especially popular over recent years as they appear to posses a holistic approach to skin care and are often made of organic and pure ingredients, which your skin naturally understands.

One company that stands out in the world of spas and skin care products is ESPA, an international award-winning company, which has gone from strength to strength since it was founded over 15 years ago. Today it is a recognizable brand and it’s spas, skin care products and treatments can be found in top hotels and resorts worldwide.

ESPA espouses Oriental, Ayurvedic and European techniques, delivered by ESPA trained therapists in their own spas designed specifically to deliver the right experience in a relaxing environment and enhance the enjoyment and effectiveness of their treatments.

Their products are of the finest quality using natural ingredients combined with the latest in skin care advances and are made for both the face and body.

For your face you will need products that will cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize enabling your skin to function naturally and give an outward appearance of health.

Pay especial attention to your eyes, as this is often where the first signs of ageing appear. Look for products that have an eye care range, which will hydrate, nourish and protect your eyes.

Your body also deserves to be treated well. Choose a range of essential body oils, which should include detoxifying, energising, restorative and soothing body oils and to begin with, be guided by your sense of smell to choose the right ones for you.

Getting started

The best way to get to know your skin is to go for a luxurious facial and body treatment in a spa. From start to finish the spa experience should be total, starting with de-stress and relaxation treatments.

Trained therapists will advise on a wide range of treatments for your skin from stress relief to restoring balance and which skin care products will best suit your type of skin.

Make sure you arrive at the spa well in advance of your treatment so you can change and have peaceful moments in the relaxation lounge.

Afterwards, do not rush back to the office and make sure your diary is clear for an hour or two. Continue the experience again in the relaxation area until you feel ready to leave.

Part of the spa experience is the inner wellbeing you will feel afterwards. This sense memory should be used every time you apply your face cream or when you are relaxing in a warm bath of spa oils at home.