Snagging list

If you have a grievance about the finish most developers will sort it out without much fuss.

Unfortunately, this is often left to the end when they say your villa is finished and they want your final stage payment. Try not to pay this until they have rectified any problems that you may have spotted with the finish otherwise, this will spill over into that grey area referred to by all the developers as the “snagging” period.

The snagging period can last any length of time, but it usually runs for one year after your villa has been certified completed by the developer. The developer will issue you with a certificate, that he will have received from the architect, saying your villa is finished and ready for occupation.

At this point the developer will be asking for the final payment on your villa. Do not pay this unless you are completely satisfied with everything they have done. You can of course pay the final payment in good faith, if the developer has promised to put everything right that you have pointed out to him.

Don’t forget the onus is on you to spot any defaults and not the developer.

Prepare a snagging list for the developer

This may be difficult as you will probably not be living in your villa and will only be staying during your holidays. Also, defaults do not appear immediately. Once the building has settled down cracks can appear and you will begin to notice things that are wrong which you missed on first inspection. It is surprising how much one does miss even when one is looking for faults.

Always speak to the Project Manager first about any problems with your villa. He will speak to the construction company and have them fix it. Remember, the Project Manager is the person to deal with first on all matters relating to your property therefore, it is important to develop a good relationship with him.

After the one year time period you are on your own, as it is unlikely that the Project Manger will still be around. Don’t worry though, the construction company may have a small team still working on site and if you approach them they will more than likely sort it out for you. If not then go to the developer and ask him. If you have no luck with the developer and you are still not satisfied then consider getting your lawyer involved.

Snagging, by the way, is not just touching up here and there, I have heard of people who have had their entire floors re-laid and roofs replaced!