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Homeopathy & Thailand Resorts

Unlike some conventional medicines that work by suppressing the body’s natural immune system, homeopathic treatments encourage the body to fight disease, stimulating defence systems and helping innate reflexes rather than simply masking symptoms. The treatments are based on two main concepts: “The Law of Similars” and “The law of the Minimum Dose“, and much like vaccinations, works on the basis that a substance which produces a particular symptom in a healthy person can stimulate the body to remove the same symptom in a person who is unwell.

Natural Law

Samuel Hanneman an advocate of homeopathic medicine.
Samuel Hanneman an advocate of homeopathic medicine.

Homeopathy was originally developed by a German physician named Hahnemann, who worked with herbal remedies as long ago as the 1700s. Hahnemann discovered that when taken in low dosages, certain herbs cured the same symptoms they produced. Experimenting with quinine, the accepted herbal cure for malaria, he took small doses of diluted quinine and became sick with fever. When he stopped taking the quinine, the fever went away. Based on such self-diagnosis he went on to develop his own diluted medicines and discovered that using as little of a medicine as possible to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanism significantly helped with recovery. Thus, homoeopathy was born.

Today, when homeopathic doctors prescribe a medicine, they give one dose and then wait to see what relief it brings. If things begin to improve they tend to leave the case alone because giving the body more medicine than it needs will not improve or speed up the action of the medicine, if anything it may stop the medicine from being effective. Homeopathic remedies are taken in an extremely diluted form, normally one part of the remedy to around 1,000,000,000,000 parts of water.

Homeopathic Holidays

Several wellness centres around Thailand now include homeopathy in their treatment programmes. The fast acting nature of homeopathic treatments makes it a perfect approach for those on holiday, who finally find the time and space to address the most important issue of all, health. A consultation with a homoeopath can improve your feeling of well being, or even solve a more serious health issue.

Chiva-Som | Bangkok - Thailand - Topic Asia Magazine - Review.
Chiva-Som | Bangkok - Thailand.


is an award-winning health resort considered one of the best in the world. Located 185 kilometres south of Bangkok on the Gulf of Thailand at the royal beach town of Hua Hin, this gem of a sanctuary offers an impressive array of holistic treatments and health services surrounded by seven acres of lush tropical greenery.

The Six Senses Destination Spa Phuket
The Six Senses Destination Spa Phuket

The Six Senses Destination Spa Phuket

is an all-inclusive resort located on the private island Naka Yai just off Phuket. The resort’s extensive spa facilities integrate four themed spas in which guests can enjoy Asian-inspired treatments and services including ready-made programmes called Life Passages, which are three-day to three-week structured plans that provide support and guidance through life’s challenges and transitions.

Kamalaya Retreat and Wellness Centre Koh Samui Thailand
Kamalaya Retreat & Wellness Centre Koh Samui Thailand

Kamalaya Retreat and Wellness Centre

is Koh Samui’s largest wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa. The therapists at Kamalaya come from diverse backgrounds to provide therapies and practices best suited to support individual guests’ personal goals and interests. Kamalaya’s Naturopath, Homeopath, and Chief Holistic Practitioner not only provides naturopathic herbs, nutrition, homoeopathic and other energetic medicines, but also educates, motivates, and empowers people so that self-healing can continue to take place.

Balavi Natural Health Center Chiang Mai Thailand
Balavi Natural Health Center Chiang Mai Thailand

Balavi Natural Health Center

in Chiang Mai is staffed by fully qualified doctors of western medicine, nurses and homeopaths. The founders, Dr. Banchob Junhasavasdikul M.D., and his wife, Dr. Lalita Dhirasiri M.D., launched their first natural medicine clinic in Bangkok, some 25 years ago. Along with their son, daughter in law and two other physicians, they rotate between both centres providing an alternative way to good health for their many thousands of patients.

Home/Travel Homoeopathy

For people on the move, ‘Helios Homoeopathic’ has created a compact kit containing 36 remedies for the traveller, covering every eventuality from food poisoning to home sickness, strains and sprains to dengue fever. They also have a special homoeopathy kit for childbirth, available online.