Walk the walk for fitness

Walking on a beach is by far one of the best places to walk and keep fit if you live by the sea or are having a holiday in the sun.

Practically any beach will do and it doesn’t matter what state the sand is in; compacted or loose it will still work your leg muscles and gluts, albeit differently. This beats the gym treadmill as it also gets you out into the fresh air. Also, it is safer to walk the beach than walk on public roads.

For best results choose a beach that is relatively flat and long. If the sand is compacted this will be good for jogging and you will be able to wear your trainers.

Soft sand is best walked bare footed and your feet will get a good massage. Keep an eye on where you walk as some popular beaches may have a lot of rubbish on them.

If there are rocks around be careful not to stub a toe. To overcome mishaps with rocks or rubbish it is best to wear trainers to protect your feet.

Don’t forget the beach is constantly changing especially with each tide; you never know what the sea will wash up on the beach or what the water may uncover or bury just under the sand.

Chaweng beach on Koh Samui

Everyone has a favourite beach. If you are lucky enough to find yourself on Koh Samui then the best beach for a walk is definitely Chaweng on the northeast side of the island.

It is the longest beach and one of the best beaches on the island and will take you around 45 minutes to walk the beach from one end to the other.

The beach is great for both walkers and joggers and is flat at low tide making it easier on the feet as the sand is fairly compacted.

Start your walk along the beach at Muang Kulaypan, a leading boutique hotel and a member of design hotels, at the north end of Chaweng. If you are driving you can park here.

This is a great beach walk first thing in the morning before most of Chaweng stirs.

As you pass the many beach bars be careful not to trip over the odd person who never made it back to their hotel room after an all-nighter and found the beach was their bed.

At around 8:45am watch out for the arrival of the jet-skis.

Halfway along the beach by the Karebu restaurant at the Le Paradis Resort is a slip road leading from Chaweng High Street to the beach.

This road is used to bring the jet-skis to the beach. They arrive on wooden carts strung together in a long line and if you converge as they hit the beach it can seem like you are waiting for a slow moving freight train to pass before you can continue your walk.

Apart from this and the odd stray dog the beach walk will otherwise be blissfully uneventful.

During the day this walk is entirely different as this is one of the busiest beaches on the island.