Waxing Fashion

A good bikini wax is a must for summer beach days and these days more and more salons offer the service and you can often spend an entire day having your eyebrows done, eyelashes tinted, a manicure, pedicure and bikini line waxed all in the same place.

However, there are now a plethora of styles and this can be confusing, especially for novices. Should you have the basic bikini wax, a Brazilian or even go all out for the Hollywood?

Below are some simple explanations of styles:

Regular bikini wax: this takes the hair off outside the bikini line and is ideal for first-timers.

Full bikini wax: a full wax takes the line a bit further than a regular bikini and often also includes waxing some of the hair on top to create a more defined triangle. This wax provides more definition than the regular one.

French bikini wax: this takes all the hair from the front except for a small landing strip and goes a bit further towards the back than the regular or full bikini wax.

Brazilian bikini wax: all the hair is taken off the bikini line, from the front all the way to the bottom. Sometimes a very small strip is left in the front. This is the way to go if you want to wear a thong bikini.

Hollywood bikini wax: everything comes off with this style. You are waxed from front to back and even your bottom gets a good going over.

The most important thing of course is to communicate with the therapist how much hair you want to get rid of and how much you want to keep. In this way you can create your own, individual style.

Bikini waxing can be painful. It is a sensitive area and much depends upon the skill of the technician. In general, hard wax should be used in the more sensitive areas as it does not adhere to the skin and if used correctly should be slightly uncomfortable when taken off, but not incredibly painful.

For a regular or full bikini wax you will either be able to wear your own underwear or will be provided with paper knickers by the salon. For the Brazilian and Hollywood styles you will probably be asked to take it all off. However, remember that the salon technicians have seen it all before!

Hair needs to be at least quarter of an inch long for the wax to work. If the hair is longer the technician will trim it with clippers or scissors. The area will be cleaned thoroughly before the process begins and oil or powder will be applied. The technician will wear gloves and apply the warm wax with an applicator. Soft wax will require a strip of cloth to be put over the wax but hard wax doesn’t need a strip. Your skin will be held taut before the wax is removed which also reduces the pain. It is completed in sections and any stray hairs will be removed with tweezers. Usually something is applied after the procedure to help calm the skin.

After your bikini wax you need to take care of the area for the next few days in particular as bruises, bumps and ingrown hairs are common. Try not to take very hot showers for the next 48 hours and don’t wear tight underwear.

All of the major cities in SE Asia have expert salons which can provide you with advice and skilled waxing techniques.