Wedding gift registry

Take the guess out of guest buying

The difficult part for wedding guests is to know what kind of gift to give to newly weds.

Make it easy on your guests by setting up a wedding gift registry or bridal gift registry as it is also known. This is a service provided by stores, which allow the wedding couple to leave a list of wedding gifts that they would like to receive.

Doing this will avoid the situation where you might receive for example, 5 irons on your wedding day or different sets of cutlery.

Most stores do have a policy where by you can exchange goods received that have not been used for other items in their store. However, do you really want the bother of changing gifts you have received and having to find out which stores they came from and the embarrassment of saying to your friends that what they gave you is not what you wanted.

Setting up a wedding gift registry

Simply go into a store of your choice and say you want to set up a wedding gift registry; they will take some details such as the wedding date and your full names and then you can start choosing which gifts will go on your list.

Think carefully about the items you choose, ask yourself will these items go with what you may already have or will they match your colour scheme.

Set up a gift registry in different stores and choose items at various price points as this will give your wedding guests more choices and flexibility when choosing your wedding present.

Gift Vouchers

It is also a good idea to give your wedding guests the option of buying you a gift voucher in case other guests have already purchased the items on you wedding list.

Also, give guests the option of buying a single item, for example, if you choose six lead crystal wine glasses you would like to receive, then guests can buy all six or just one. Other guests can then buy the remaining number so you will receive six in all.

Should you not receive the six glasses on your wedding day then you have the option of purchasing the remaining ones yourself or using the gift vouchers you receive to do this.

Store gift cards

Ask the stores which hold your wedding gift registry for gift cards that will have the stores name and address on. These cards can then be put with your wedding invitation so your guests know where to purchase your present.