Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations come in all shapes and sizes. You would not believe the choices you have. Here are some approaches to choosing the right wedding invitations:

1. Wedding Stationery chosen from stock.

2. Your own design and wording.

3. Theme invitations that are specially made for you.

Wedding Stationery is fine but the look and the wording can sound a bit formal, which may be appropriate if you are going to have a church wedding and your guests are going to wear morning suits. For something different and more tailored to the idea of your dream wedding, then designing your own wedding invitation is more fun than choosing from stock something that you know someone else may have used as well.

To give you some idea of what you can do I will mention some of the wedding invitations we have received over the years from our friends; they have included wedding invitations printed on a decorative fan, this turned out useful because the couple wed in the tropics and it was a very hot day; paper flip flops – this one for a beach wedding; cardboard face mask and snorkel from two dive fanatics who did tie the knot under water; a boxed set of embossed invitation cards including a printed map to the church and a restaurant guide with the bride and grooms favourite restaurants in it and one hand written on home made paper with small sea shells tied to it, sort of Robinson Crusoe style and yes, they were married on a small tropical island in the Pacific. So you see you can do pretty much what you want and have fun with it.

Remember the wedding invitation sets the whole tone of how you want your wedding to be. If you are going for a traditional and formal wedding then the wedding invitation should reflect that. This might be the case if you are getting married at home and you want all your family to be there including grandparents, cousins, nephews, uncles and aunts.

For a smaller wedding with close family and friends you may choose something less traditional and more in keeping with your lifestyle especially, if you intend to get married overseas and it is the place where you will also spend your honeymoon.

Don’t get too carried away though, the invitation will have important information on it such as the date and place of the wedding and of course, you will have to post it!