Wedding make-up

Bridal beauty tips

To look beautiful on your wedding day follow these simple beauty make-up tips.

You want to look your natural self, so don’t go overboard with too much make-up. Having said that a little more of everything is required to make it special and keep you looking amazing.


Your skin has to be perfect so make sure your foundation matches your skin colour. Any make-up will be brightened with flash photography, so your make-up has to blend well with your natural colour and be even.

Neck and Arms

These must match the colour of your face and be even all over.


To emphasize cheeks use a neutral colour and a pop of something brighter.


For lips choose a colour a shade or two above your own lip colour.


Eyes need to look bright and fresh. For eye shadow use a cooler tone as they will make you look more sophisticated and afterwards use a black gel liner. They are waterproof and will not run if you shed a tear or two. Also use waterproof mascara. Make sure your eyebrows are even and this will make a difference.

Finish with a light powder applied with a make-up bush.

Follow these simple tips and you will have a stunning look all day long and you will look gorgeous in your photographs.