Wrinkle free

Botox is a familiar word to people who are looking to reverse the ageing process and most people have heard or read about a celebrity that has had this treatment.

Wrinkles are the most obvious sign of ageing especially around the forehead and in the corner of the eyes (Crows feet). These wrinkles are often caused by over active muscles that can contort the face over time giving us facial lines.

Botox is a cutting edge treatment that can smooth these lines away by administering a series of tiny injections with a very fine needle into the muscles around the wrinkles.

Botox consists of a purified protein produced by a harmless bacterium and when injected into the affected muscles it blocks the transmission of nerve impulses, which has the affect of relaxing them and preventing them from becoming too active and causing frown lines to form over time.

The process of giving you tiny injections into your facial muscles only takes around ten minutes, yet this single procedure can be effective for up to 4 months or even longer.

The procedure

Your doctor will examine your lines and ask you to move the muscles in your brow before he or she determines where they should concentrate the injections for maximum effect.

You will not need an anesthetic for this process although your doctor may numb the area with an anesthetic cream.

The procedure is painless except for a small stinging sensation that may last for a few seconds as the injections are administered.

Most patients do not experience any side affects from this treatment and those that do have reported only temporary eyelid droop and nausea.

What can I expect after treatment?

Within a few weeks after the treatment you will notice a marked difference, your face will look smoother with optimal results appearing after a month or two.

You will still be able to make facial expressions such a frowning but without the frown lines.

Who benefits most from this procedure?

The procedure is beneficial for both men and women and suitable for all ages from 18 – 65 years old.

Woman may benefit more because their faces are more animated than men’s and their skin is delicate making their lines more pronounced therefore, the results after treatment will be more dramatic.

Note: Always consult a doctor about whether it is suitable for you, before undergoing any medical or cosmetic procedure no matter how minor.